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How to Find a List of Your Previous Addresses

Posted on in PrivacyMay 21, 2024

Knowing previous addresses is a good way of managing personal information. Confirming this data might arise from needing to fill out a job application or obtain a loan. Even verification of identity may require individuals to produce proof of previous residence. Finding this information, though, can be tricky, especially if you moved a lot when you were young or have misplaced data storage. 

Reasons to Keep Previous Addresses

Employers typically ask prospective workers where they worked and lived to assist with background checking and ensuring they are truthful.Law enforcementalso requires this information when determining citizens' identities during investigations. Some people have the same name but live in different areas simultaneously. If the previous addresses are adequately taken down, it is impossible to mistake someone during a review. This can save you from significant legal or financial liability. 

Aside from the typical reasons, such as filling in accurate address locations on job locations, it can be helpful to ensure you provide accurate information. The Data Protection Act maintains that personal data must be kept accurate and current.

Inaccurateaddress recordsmay lead to misleading information, opening the person to litigation. If you own a business, this goes to a higher obligation level, considering customers currently expect personalization and customization from companies. The correct input can affect target communications via demographics or interest. Though high-quality data may also result in better marketing for a business, inaccurate or old information can harm perception. 

The following are some of the main ways to check previous addresses

previous addresses

Check Credit Report 

One of the main ways to confirm current and previous addresses is to conduct a credit report review. It may be used to do address history searches. First, request a free credit report from agencies like Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax every 12 months. It is also possible to buy a credit report from one or all agencies. The given credit report will list past addresses for the previous seven to ten years. Proceed to check the address information on the credit report against other data concerning previous ones to ensure accuracy. If there are any inconsistencies or errors, this information may be disputed.

Review your Tax History

Annual income tax filing requires one to include the physical address filed at the time. It may also include other addresses used during the year forms were submitted. Go through personal financial records and compile a list of past addresses from the older tax forms. If one or more years are missing, acquire the past filing information from the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS will also send a transcript. Free tax transcripts are available, but these versions might not be helpful. The IRS typically redacts transcripts to increase the taxpayer's privacy. It means you may only view the first six characters of former street addresses. 

Check Direct Mail 

This is one of the more straightforward offline approaches one can use to find previous addresses. Direct mail is physical mail sent by a vendor or government institution. It may include credit card or bank statements or bills. Collect allprevious mail received and checkthe addresses written by the sender. They will probably show past addresses in the ‘Return Address’ section where you lived. If you do not have physical mail from the previous years, you can still request it from the organization that sent it to you. Contact them and ask them to send a copy of the statement, which will probably have the address on it. 

Check Financial Transcripts

Most invoices and statements come with the consumer's physical address on the receipt. These can be credit card statements, bank statements, or receipts for purchases made from online vendors. Collect any financial statements you have received over the years and review them individually. They will show the listed address information. If you do not have the statements from the time you want to confirm a physical address, issue a request to the bank or financial institution that served you at that time. They will provide you with a statement that has their record of your address at the time.

Search Social Media Accounts

Do a deep dive on social media to find past addresses. Some social media applications may be more effective in this endeavor. It is because users are more likely to record addresses on platforms like Facebook rather than WhatsApp or X. Facebook offers users the option to give locations for residences or events attended. Checking previous account activity, memories, or profiles might reveal the last street addresses. 

Conduct Public Records Searches

Location-related records are available to the public depending on the particular state or county jurisdiction. Personal public records, though, are usually available to the resident, close relations, spouses, and legal representatives. Though many states allow residents to source property records through the Freedom of Information Lawlike New York Street addresses, one may be accessed via online county links. If you are looking for older records, the County Clerk’s office would be the best place to start, as these offices typically have 20 years' worth of information. In some cases, one can view such records online, but if they have not yet been digitized, the only option would be to make an appointment with the County Clerk’s office. 

These records can also be found via third-party web platforms like InfoTracer, where one can view property records for previous addresses, birth, death, marriage, and divorce records. Alternatively, requesters may seek earlier addresses from the Department of Motor Vehicles. 

Reverse Address Lookup

Platforms likeInfoTracerallow people to get information based on provided names, phone numbers, and addresses. If you input an address, it will also let you know who lives there. Considering the objective, it may seem a bit backward, but it can significantly help find previous addresses. For example, if you lived on a street but cannot remember the exact address, submitting the state, city, and street name, will give a list of all owners at this address. That allows you to scan through until you come across the most familiar one.

By searching names on the platform’s lookup tool, you can see if the person’s current address is displayed. If that happens, this can also be used to find the person’s address history. InfoTracer is straightforward, as you only need to create an account. From there, purchase credits and start doing the searches. You can benefit from the latest comprehensive public records. The platform may also be used to find current phone numbers and addresses. 

Google Timeline

Google Timeline allows you to view location histories. That means it can technically be used to illustrate past addresses, especially if you know the period. To use this feature, log into your Google account and search Google Maps. Once in your maps account, click on the three dashes at the top left. Scroll through the options and select ‘Your Timeline.’ It will show a list of places you have been to. The search bar can also narrow the results according to date.

Alternatively, you may scroll through it manually. Once the address you are searching has been found, click on it. This tool allows you to see addresses visited from 2009 going forward. Google Timeline does show every place you have visited, which presents privacy concerns. A quick fix for this is navigating to Google Maps on your mobile device, going to settings, and turning location history off. Alternatively, you can also turn the location feature off on your phone. 

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