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Tips For Facebook Account Security Check

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in PrivacyAugust 13, 2018

After Mark Zuckerberg got his hand slapped hard by the FCC for allowing a research company access to private Facebook member data, the platform sutured things up and made it more secure. However, you need to know what changes took place and where to go to secure your Facebook account.

Facebook Account Settings

The general settings area includes only your name, username, contact, ad contact, temperature scale and a button to manage your account. In there you can deactivate your account to take it offline temporarily. You can also request complete account deletion and even add in the name of the person that can manage your account if you pass away.

At any time you can download all your Facebook data with just one click.

Facebook Security & Account Login Settings

There is a nifty new feature where you can designate 3-5 friends that can help you unlock your account should you forget your password. Facebook highly recommends this as a security feature you should set up right away.

In this section, you can also change your password, and you should change it frequently, at least monthly to be extra secure.

Turn on two-factor authentication. It is worth the trouble of entering a code to make sure no one else gains access to your account.

facebook login

You can even allow or deny specific devices to access your Facebook account. Another great security feature that you should take advantage of is generating unique passwords for each app you grant access to. Then you can revoke them quickly when you are done using the app.

For added peace of mind, set up the alerts section to send you a message when Facebook notices logins that don’t appear to be you.

You can view recent logins in here and tell Facebook if you don’t recognize any of them and block them from using your account again.

You will also want to turn on encryption for emails sent to you from Facebook.

Facebook Privacy Settings

In the revised privacy settings area, you can control who has access to your information. There are a lot of settings.

First, you designate who can see your future posts. Your choices are the public, friends only and all your friends except people you put on the list.

Next, you can change access to previous posts already on your timeline to just friends. If you choose to limit your posts, it cannot easily be undone.

The next section here is about how people can find you and who can contact you. You can choose between “everyone” or “friends of friends” to send you friend requests.

Next, you can limit who can see your friend lists. Choose between public, friends, only me or custom. It’s probably a good idea to limit this one to your friends.

Next set who can view your email address, your choices are everyone, friends of a friend or just your friends. It is probably safest to set this to just your friends. The same goes for your phone number.

The final setting in here is whether or not you want other search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile. If you want to be found online or want employers to be able to find you easily, leave this setting on yes. Otherwise, you might want to set it to no to remain private.

Timeline and Tagging Settings

Facebook tagging

In here you can limit who can post on your timeline and who can see those posts. If you are concerned about others saying things on your timeline that you don’t want, then leave that setting to “only me.”

Tagging works the same way; you may want to limit who can tag you in a photo or who can see those tags. It’s your choice how private you want to be.

The final section here gives you the option to review tags before they go live. This is a great security feature protecting you against embarrassing things you might not want others to see on your timeline.

Blocking Someone on Facebook

Blocking is a nice feature to control who sees what. You can set up a list of friends who will not see specific posts or tags. You can also block abusive users, messages, app invites, event invitations, apps, and even pages you don’t want to see.

Mobile Facebook

The mobile setting allows your Facebook account to be used on a mobile device with alerts, and messages. You can also post pictures, videos, and comments directly from your phone.

Public Post Filters and Tools

Facebook posts

In here you can limit who follows your posts. If you want only friends to see your posts, leave the setting on friends. Otherwise, you can open it up so that the general public can follow your posts as well. There are three more choices all the same regarding public comments, notifications and profile information.

Apps & Websites

This section allows you to manage apps that you have logged in with Facebook and provided with access. You can revoke access at any time. This also applies to websites. You can completely delete apps from inside here.

Facebook Ad Preferencess

Ad preferences allow you to customize the types of ads that you see. You can turn off things you don’t want and share only your basic information. You can also hide ad topics and block partner ads.


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