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Why Performing a Dating Background Check Is Important

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in DatingNovember 16, 2020

Online Dating Background Check


Did you know that 10% of affairs start online? It’s hardly a surprise given how popular online dating has become in the last ten years. It’s possible you even met your partner on the internet since 66% of singles can be found on dating websites. If you met them online, how well do you know them? And if you met them online, how sure can you be sure that you’re the only one? Love is a beautiful thing, but security feels even better.

It’s important to be as informed as possible about your partner, or you risk being another statistic like this one: one in five people admit to cheating on their partner! Don’t be a statistic. Be safe and run a background report on your date or partner today. 

What Information Can You Find Out Running an Online Dating Background Check?

Check Their Criminal Past

Given that 55% of online daters have experienced potentially dangerous threats while cyber dating, searching for criminal records online can help daters stay safe from dangerous people. Enter someone’s name and state and you’ll find their criminal history, including arrests, mugshots, outstanding warrants, felony or misdemeanor charges, DUI/DWI, jail records, police report details, criminal substance abuse, court records, fraud, parole/probation info, prior domestic abuse, sexual assaults, harassment, and other red flags.

Make Sure They’re Not a Convicted Sex Offender

Before going on a date with a virtual stranger, it’s a good idea to check if they are a registered sex offender. You probably haven’t even met them yet and even if you have, how well do you know them? Before considering a date or a committed relationship, you should check The Sex Offender Registry since it features people convicted for crimes of a sexual nature such as sexual assault, rape, indecent exposure, and child sexual abuse.

avoiding dating scams


See Who They’re Texting

Is your partner on the phone all the time? Sexting is a new phenomenon but growing in popularity every single day. 74% of Americans say they have swapped sexy pictures and messages via text message. All you need is a phone number, and you can instantly find out who your partner is texting with a quick search. Or maybe you met someone at a bar or a club; you can also use background check tools to find out their full name and a wealth of other information using only their phone number.

Hidden Social & Dating Profiles

Don’t spend all hours or days hunting through social media profiles to find your date. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can find all their social media accounts including any hidden dating profiles.

Marriages & Divorces

Your date says they’ve never been married before, but how can you be sure when over 50% of marriages end in divorce? 53% of online daters admit to lying on their dating profiles. Performing a background check for online dating on your crush will let you easily find out if your date has ever been divorced, or worse yet, is still currently married. One quick search will reveal any and all marriages and divorces that they might be hiding.

Things You Should Already Know About Dating

Things You Should Already Know About Dating

How do cheaters cheat?

Cheaters are often protective of their phones and for good reason. Push notifications can be a nightmare for a cheater because text messages and emails are very common methods for cheaters to handle their affairs discreetly. Adult websites, online hookup services, and dating sites are other popular options available to cheaters.

What are the dangers of online dating?

There are many dangers when facing online dating, and it’s very important to protect yourself. With over half of Americans admitting that they lie on their dating profile, how are you sure that they are who they say they are? Catfishing is more popular than ever. Worse, did you know that 10% of sex offenders use dating sites? 25% of rapists use online dating to find their victims. Cons involving money cost victims more than $50 million annually as scam daters manage to swindle money, jewelry, and property from their victims online.

How can you quickly catch a cheater?

Run a dating background check to quickly expose the person your partner is texting or emailing and you can quickly and easily find the truth about anyone. The only thing you need is a name, address, phone number, or email to get started.

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