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Best Backup Software Options for 2021

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in SecurityFebruary 23, 2021

best backup software

With ransomware attacks on the rise, you cannot be too careful these days. Since most of us store a good deal of important things on our computers and mobile devices, it’s essential to know what to use to back everything up if you need to restore because of a crash or ransomware takeover.

What Is Backup Software?

Everything stored on your computer is at risk of being lost if you don’t invest in a backup solution. Backup software is programs or apps that copy and compress files and store them on removable media, or the cloud, so that in the event of ransomware, theft, or a crashed hard drive, you can quickly and easily restore all your data without losing anything. 

No one expects to be a victim of ransomware or expects their hardware to fail. Everyone should have a backup solution in place to protect the security of their digital files. Since all photos are now digital, you could lose a lifetime of memories, all your financial documents, and other important things unless you invest in a backup solution in the event of a disaster. 

How to Choose Good Backup Software?

Backups used to be a cumbersome affair requiring special hardware like CD burners or tape drives, but now anyone can back up thousands of files quickly and easily in different formats to specific devices. 

Some features to look for when choosing backup software are:

  • Versioning so you can go back to a specific day/time and restore your data.

  • Cloud backups to store off-site in case of fire or theft.

  • File inclusion and elimination.

  • One-click backups are very handy.

  • A good, easy-to-use interface.

  • Minimal resource consumption when backing up or restoring.

  • Easy restore process.

  • Scheduled and automatic backups.

  • Restore from USB or other removable media. 

  • Single file restore.

When choosing the best backup software, remember, it’s not a good idea to store all your eggs in one basket. It’s fine to use Google, Dropbox, and iCloud for syncing and file storage, but nothing can compare with a dedicated backup solution. The product you choose should give you peace of mind that your digital life is protected 24/7. A combination of a cloud-based and removal-media backup solution is best. 

1. Acronis True Image or Cyber Backup

Acronis has been a trusted name in the backup game for many years. Their products are easy to use, flexible, and reasonably priced. Acronis Cyber Protect is for businesses, and Acronis True Image is marketed to individuals.

The business product includes features like cloud backup, client management and supports more than 20 different platforms. The individual product offers both a backup solution along with anti-malware. Some other useful features include integrations, universal restore, protection pause, and disc cloning. You can back up to almost any device and multiple locations. The interface for both is simple yet powerful and easy for even a novice to use. You can purchase Acronis True Image for $50 and Acronis Cyber Protect for $59.

2. EaseUS ToDo - A Budget-Conscious Option

Another really good backup option for individuals and small businesses is EaseUS, which won’t dent your wallet at $28.99. However, don’t let the small price fool you; this backup software offers a lot of value, such as full or incremental backups, support for RAID and multiple partitions, and even a cloud backup option. 

Some other features include automated and scheduled backups, disaster recovery, reporting, and disc cloning. The software works on both Windows and Mac. 

best backup software

3. Paragon Enterprise Backup Solution

Paragon offers enterprise-level backup solutions for individuals. It handles complex backups easily and allows you to restore from a USB device. All that power is pretty affordable at $80. The software is flexible, easy-to-use, and highly rated.

Some other great features of Paragon include:

  • Manual or scheduled backups.

  • Custom backup parameters.

  • ISO image and USB recovery media creation.

  • Fast, reliable backups.

  • Easy migration.

  • Backup to multiple devices.

  • APFS snapshots.

If you are looking for a powerhouse to backup up complex scenarios and don’t mind the higher price tag, Paragon is the right choice. 

4. IDrive Online Backup Solution

If you are looking for a backup solution where all your files will be stored in the cloud, IDrive is a good choice. However, because it backs up to the cloud, the initial transfer will be slower, and you will pay for how much space you need. The pricing runs between $70-$100 and offers up to 5TB of storage space. 

A personal plan works great for families with dozens of devices and backs each of them up automatically. The individual plan offers users an unlimited number of connected devices. You can even sign up for a free, permanent 5GB plan. IDrive is compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.

This option is much less expensive than other products in its tier (like Carbonite), and you get peace of mind knowing your stuff is backed up in the cloud and encrypted using (256-bit AES). 

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