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How to Be Sure Your Bae is True: 4 Easy Steps to Becoming a Relationship “FBI”

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in DatingSeptember 11, 2018

Pat Benatar said it best “love is a battlefield.” Being in a relationship can be beautiful, romantic and make life feel magical, but it can also be worrisome. How do you know for sure your bae is being honest with you and not seeing someone else on the side or even who they say they are?

These days you have to be your own advocate and a virtual FBI agent inside and out of the romantic arenas. Do we ever truly know another person? You hear on the news daily about that “nice guy” who turned out to have two completely separate families without their wives knowing a thing about the others. There are also numerous catfishing stories where someone pretends to be someone they are not until they have emptied the bank account of their loved one and vanished,revealing their criminal side.

Online dating has changed the social landscape making it easier for predators and scammers to lie about who they are. So as a first defense, we have prepared these four techniques for you to verify identity and make sure your partner is true to you and who they say they are.

Search Engine Verification

The first place to start is to perform a broad search via Google or some other search engine. Here you should be able to find out quite a bit about your romantic partner. You can check the website for where they work and verify basic information. You can also call to verify that they do in fact work there. Your search may unearth other details, past employment, relationships or connections you may not have been aware of before.

This initial search may lead you to other sites with even more detailed information. If when youperform a search by the name, you find very little or no information at all, that should be a red flag that perhaps they are lying about their identity and you shouldinvestigate furtherbefore trusting them completely.

Using Social Media to Verify Your Bae’s Identity and Status

One of the best free resources issocial media websites. You can quickly create an account and search the publicly shared information of your bae. Then you can match the information there with what you know to be true. Look through past and current photos to see if your bae was lunching with someone you don’t know or that “business trip” was instead a beach vacation with another person.

Facebook is a great place to start and has volumes of information. Pictures are stamped with dates, times and locations, so that makes it easy to track your bae’s whereabouts on specific dates.

Twitter can also be helpful if you check their feed and their followers, look for anything that appears to be off. Too little activity could be an indicator of something as well.

Instagram is helpful because it is just images. Pictures often say a thousand words and can help you piece together the puzzle of who your bae is by the photos they take and post.

LinkedIn is a great place to verify their work history and personal information that potential employers use for hiring. They may be more likely to keep accurate, truthful information on this website over the others.

Background Check Service

If you want to know all about your bae, a thorough background check is a way to go that can help you put together a complete profile of information including arrest records, sex offenses, lawsuits, driving history, bankruptcies, DWI’s along with previous marriages, divorces and other public records information.

Afull background checkcan provide peace of mind, and assure you of who you are sharing your life with these days. These types of services charge a small fee and using the search criteria of just name, phone, license number or other details, in minutes you can have your full report and rest easy.

How to Be Sure Your Bae is True

Check Dating Websites

Another great way to see if your Bae is faithful is to open accounts on dating websites and see if their profiles show up. Quite a few people have been shocked to be browsing adating websiteonly to find their significant other as an “active” participant looking for dates or hookups.

Some people use multiple accounts with different information on them, so if you come across more than one account for your bae, it is something you will discuss with them.

We all hope for that perfect relationship where trust is at the heart of it all, and no one has to worry about the faithfulness of their bae. However, the reality is that you can never know for sure without first doing your homework.

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