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7 Best Catch a Cheater Apps for Spouses

Posted on by Ben Hartwig in DatingFebruary 01, 2019

If you suspect your spouse is cheating or know they have cheated in the past, you probably need some help confirming they’re doing what they say they are, and when. There’s a chance you’ll find you’re overreacting, but you could also find out they’re not being truthful about what they’re up to when you’re not around, either. Here’s the top 7 apps we found that can help with catching your significant other cheating:

1. Using Find My Friends to Spy

This app is free on iPhones, and allows you to share your location with friends and family through your Apple devices. There is also a version of this app for Android. You have to send a request using their email address, so they will know you’re tracking them. This is a good behind-the-scenes app however if you have it installed before suspecting anything. They could forget about it completely, or if they delete it or stop allowing you to follow them you might have a pretty good idea they’re up to no good.

2. Hoverwatch

This app works on both Apple and Android devices, and virtually tracks your spouse’s cell phone while recording all activity on it, too. You’ll be able to find text messages, photos, locations they’ve been, call history, Internet browsing history and even social media account activities. This is one of the more thorough apps that can help you determine if your spouse is cheating or just preoccupied with something other than you.

3. FoneMonitor

FoneMonitor is an app for both iPhone and Android that spies on your spouse’s activity on social networks such as Facebook, Snapchat and Skype. Apparently, your suspected cheating spouse will also have no idea they’re being tracked, so the activity you’re receiving from them is actually more reliable.

spy apps for cheating spouse

4. mSpy

The mSpy app is also a silent tracking device that the cheater will never know is there. It covers phone calls and texts, emails, browsing history and social media activity. You can also access the information from your spouse’s phone on any Internet browser.

5. Couple Tracker

This app has a free and paid version, and keeps you both abreast of each other’s activities. More like a cheating preventer. Messages are sent to each other before it can be deleted, and you can both consume your time stalking each other to your hearts’ content. Although this isn’t a sneaky method to catch a cheater, it may prevent a wandering eye from becoming anything else.

6. Spyzie

Spyzie is an Android app aimed toward catching cheating spouses by providing GPS locations of their phone, accessing calls and text messages, and following their social media account activity. This is ideal for anyone who wants to verify their spouse is really going where they say they are.

7. Mobile Spy Agent

This Android and iPhone spy app is much like Spyzie, but works in stealth mode – which means your suspected cheating spouse won’t know it’s running in the background. You can record voice calls, track messages and see all browsing and app activity on your spouse’s phone.

When trying to catch a cheating spouse, or determining whether your imagination is getting the best of you, there are some things to remember:

  • History usually repeats itself, so if they were once a cheater they likely always will be.
  • Things also don’t always appear as they are, so remind yourself that just because you’re spying on their phone activity that it doesn’t mean they haven’t found a way around it. Your spouse may have another phone, social media account and even accounts on dating sites that are held under different names or accounts that you don’t even realize exist. Therefore, you need to get creative about checking public records.

Search for email addresses in your spouse’s name, phone numbers and even marriage and divorce records with a lookup service. A phone lookup or email lookup can point you in the direction of accounts your spouse may secretly be accessing behind your back. Who knows – you may discover they’re already married to someone else and everything you thought you knew about them was a lie! If you keep your head on straight and look for the signs, ask the right questions and know when things sound and look suspicious, these will help you determine with these apps whether you have a cheater on your hands!

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