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7 Steps To Prevent Divorce

Posted on by Dawna M. Roberts in DatingNovember 16, 2023

Resolving marital challenges when a relationship is failing can be hard, more so when divorce seems to be the only option. However, if partners still love each other, it is easier to rebuild the union, fix an unhappy marriage, and prevent divorce. 

It is often said that 50 percent of marriages in the US end in divorce, but is it true? According to a divorce rate study by Bowling Green State University back in 2016, the US divorce rate had declined by 26% by then in comparison with its peak in 1980. Therefore, what society says about marriages is only sometimes true. Every marriage has the potential to last a lifetime.

How to Avoid Divorce

Preventing divorce is worthwhile and requires both partners to actively participate in rebuilding their relationship. But how can partners consciously partake in mending their broken ties? 

Here are seven detailed steps to save a failing marriage from facing divorce: 

1. Be Responsible

A healthy relationship doesn't just happen miraculously; it takes work and effort from both partners. Building a healthy relationship requires responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and emotions. Learn to communicate your needs effectively instead of blaming each other. In addition, always own up to your mistakes and learn to correct them. 

This sets a positive example for your spouse and creates a conducive space for open communication. Taking responsibility means embracing personal growth, identifying weaknesses, and constantly improving yourself. It promotes personal growth and ensures both partners are responsible for preventing your union from divorce.

2. Remain Faithful

Faithfulness is a rule of thumb when maintaining and sustaining a marriage. It forms the foundation for honesty and trust, which is key to a successful marriage. 

Infidelity consequences can be damaging to both partner's and children's mental and overall well-being. Besides heartbreak, which is usually very painful, it can also lead to stress, depression, and lack of trust. To prevent this, you should honor the commitment of marriage by remaining loyal to your partner.

While infidelity may or may not be intentional, there are several things that couples can do to avoid it or end it completely in case it has already happened. Here is what couples should commit to in their relationship to help prevent infidelity from destroying their marriage.

● Having open and honest communication

● Connect emotionally with your partner

● Set boundaries

● Building trust

● Investing time in your relationship

● Seek the help of a marriage counselor if needed.

● Be committed.

Committing to be faithful to your partner, emotionally and physically, helps maintain the trust that underpins your marriage.

how to prevent divorce

3. Schedule Date Evenings

For most couples, once they say "I do," they stop going on dates. Little do they know that occasional dates strengthen their bond and keep the spark alive. 

Understandably, life can get busy. In addition to your 9 to 5 job, there are children to take care of and other life responsibilities. But, setting aside time to spend with each other is essential for a failing marriage, as it helps rekindle the romance and strengthen the connection between spouses.

Go out for coffee, binge together, set up an indoor date, or engage in fun activities together: whatever works for you, do it. The main aim is to spend quality time together without distractions, creating shared experiences, and practicing active listening and attentive communication. 

4. Be Friends with Your Partner

Avoiding divorce and saving marriage starts by building a strong friendship with your spouse, creating a deep bond, and providing a solid foundation for a lasting marriage. 

Friendship means being authentic, vulnerable, and respectful towards your partner. It also means being each other's confidants. These values help build a deep emotional connection and understanding to help you overcome the storms and come out strong.

5. Acknowledge What You Can't Change

For every married couple, differences and imperfections are common challenges since you are two individuals with different personalities, likes, and dislikes. And the bitter truth is you may not change some of these individual traits. In his book, The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, John Gottmann's research indicates that 69% of relationship conflicts are insolvable.

Recognizing and accepting your partner's flaws, habits, and personality is essential. Instead of trying to change them, work on respecting each other's individuality, setting healthy boundaries, and communicating your needs.

In addition, learn to let go of unrealistic expectations and embrace your partner for who they are. Acceptance helps create an environment of understanding.

how to avoid divorce

6. Be Silent and Listen

Effective communication can help to prevent divorce and build a healthy marriage. Most marital conflicts arise from misunderstandings or a need for proper communication. If you need to save your failing marriage, you must be a good listener and allow your spouse to express his/her feelings and concerns without interruption. Having a calm and mutual approach helps resolve conflicts and prevent divorce.

Active listening yields a better understanding, deeper connection, and improved problem-solving.

7. Do Projects Together

Amidst failing relationships, learning how to prevent divorce not only rebuilds your family togetherness but also helps build projects as a couple. Family activities and projects are excellent ways to strengthen your bond. Engaging in activities, hobbies, or household projects fosters teamwork, improves communication, and creates shared experiences.

Consider finding a common interest and working together towards a common goal to promote cooperation, reduce conflict, and strengthen your union.

Marriage is Work but Worth It When You Have Found the Right Person

These tips can help you learn how to avoid divorce and save your marriage, irrespective of your marriage type. Taking responsibility, remaining faithful, scheduling date nights, being friends with your partner, acknowledging what you can't change, being silent and listening, and doing projects together are great strides in preventing divorce and building a stronger, more resilient marriage.

There is no perfect relationship, but dedication and willingness to work together ensure you rebuild your marriage and create a loving and lasting partnership that can withstand life's challenges. Visit our website for resourceful information on preventing divorce and other marriage-related topics.

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