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Do Not Text and Drive Pledge

A dangerous epidemic is spreading across America that causes drivers to not pay attention for at least five seconds at a time, and it is called texting while driving. In any given day in the United States, a minimum of 660,000 American drivers are attempting to use their phone while driving. Each year, nearly 390,000 injuries occur from accidents that are caused by texting while driving. In 2017, 9% of all drivers involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted. Another element that makes texting while driving very dangerous is the number of inexperienced teen drivers that are texting while driving. States have designed legislation to attempt to reduce the number of car accidents caused by texting while driving each year. However, each American must take responsibility for this issue and make an effort to make our roads safer. It is time for Americans to take the pledge below seriously and reduce the number of unnecessary car accidents that could potentially be avoided each year.

Do Not Text and Drive Pledge

By signing this pledge, I agree to the following statements:

By signing this pledge, I promise to adhere to the above points and also to encourage my friends and family members to engage in the same responsible behavior. I also pledge to continue to educate those around me about the dangers of distracted driving. Lastly, I pledge not to answer my hand-held cell phone, send a text message, or talk on speakerphone while driving.

Stop Texting & Driving