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Massachusetts Public Driving Records

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (Massachusetts RMV) acts like a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in other states. It is the government agency that manages driving records and supplies them upon request to individuals and companies.

The state offers a couple of types of driving reports, including an “unattested public driving record” and a “true and attested public driving record.” Each has a specific purpose, and the requestor must pay fees when ordering. Third parties can request records, but they must comply with all Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) laws. This agency also supplies crash reports for accidents.

Driving reports contain personally identifiable information (PII); therefore, anyone ordering them must prove they are eligible. The type of information contained will be the driver’s name, address, social security number, driver’s license number, date of birth, and medical information (for CDL). Their license status, accidents, revocations, suspensions, driving offenses, and the number of violations will also show up in the reports. Too many violations may result in their auto insurance provider adding surcharges to their premiums.


How to Request a State Driving History Report

The state of Massachusetts offers two different ways to get copies of a motor vehicle history report. First, they have an online system where an individual or company can obtain a record. When requesting online, the person will need:

  • Driver’s license/learner’s permit number
  • First and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (SSN) for the driver
  • Requester information (if you are requesting the record for someone else)
  • Email address
  • Applicable fee

Another way to get a copy is through the mail. The requestor can download the application form and mail it in with payment to:

Registry of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Court Records Department
P.O. Box 55896
Boston, MA 02205

Requesting by mail takes two weeks and the requestor can pay with a money order.

Anyone requesting a record for anyone other than themselves must get a notarized permission form from the subject of the record.


Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Records Cost

The cost for an unattested public driving report is $8. The price for a true and attested public driving report is $20. According to the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles:

  • An unattested public driving record, used for personal or informational purposes
  • A true and attested public driving record, used for official and/or court purposes and carries the signature of the Registrar of Motor Vehicles

Driving Laws in the State

Teens 16 years or older may apply for a learner’s permit to begin driving. They must take an approved driver’s education class and verify their identity. After they pass a written examination, they are eligible to begin supervised driving. They must also pay a $30 fee and pass a vision test.

They may keep the learner’s permit for two years and follow the rules below:

  • The permit holder must carry their permit while driving
  • Permit holders must always be accompanied by a licensed driver, at least 21 years old with one year of driving experience, in the front passenger seat at all times
  • While under 18, the permit holder is not permitted to drive between 12AM and 5AM unless accompanied by a licensed parent or legal guardian
  • Permit holder may not driver outside the state of Massachusetts

If a young person operating on a permit or junior license is caught using a mobile phone while driving, the punishment is:

  • 1st offense - $100, 60-day license suspension & attitudinal course
  • 2nd offense - $250, 180-day suspension
  • 3rd or subsequent offense-$500, 1 year suspension

If they are caught texting (reading or writing), the punishment is:

  • 1st offense - $100
  • 2nd offense - $250
  • 3rd or subsequent offense - $500

If they are caught texting or using a mobile phone that results in an injury, the punishment is:

  • 1st offense - 180-day suspension
  • 2nd or subsequent offense within 3 years-1 year suspension
  • $500 reinstatement fee

Speeding is a serious crime in Massachusetts, and if someone is caught driving above the speed limit, they will have to pay a $75 fine at the minimum. If they drive more than 10 mph over the speed limit, they will be fined $10 for each mile over. Speeding violations also carry a $50 surcharge.

Some additional laws, according to, include:

  • MGL c.85, § 15 Lights on vehicles
  • Headlights must be on when windshield wipers are needed
  • MGL c.89 Law of the road
  • MGL c.89, § 7C Move over law
  • Requires drivers to move “into a lane not adjacent to that of the emergency response vehicle, highway maintenance vehicle or recovery vehicle” whenever possible
  • MGL c.89, § 7D Vehicles in crash involving only property damage to be moved out of travel lane
  • MGL c.90, Motor Vehicles
  • MGL. c.90, § 3 Motor vehicles owned by non-residents
  • A nonresident enrolled as a student at a school or college in the commonwealth who operates a motor vehicle registered in another state must file with local police a statement that provides ownership, registration information, and liability insurance coverage information
  • MGL c.90, § 7AA Child passenger restraints
  • MGL c.90 § 8 Operator’s licenses
  • An applicant for the renewal of a license 75 years of age or older shall apply for a renewal in person at a registry branch office
  • MGL c.90 § 8M Use of mobile telephone, hands-free mobile telephone or mobile electronic device by person under 18 years of age while operating motor vehicle prohibited
  • MGL c.90 § 13B Use of hand-held devices
  • MGL c.90, § 14A Commonly known as the Mass. White Cane Law
  • Provides protection for blind pedestrians crossing or attempting to crossways
  • MGL c.90C Procedure for motor vehicle offenses
  • MGL c.90C § 2 Citations and citation books, “No fix law”
  • 211 CMR 74 Standards of Fault
  • 211 CMR 134 Safe Driver Insurance Plan - Lists minor and major traffic accidents and offenses which subject the violator to “points” on their auto insurance
  • 540 CMR Registry of Motor Vehicles
  • 700 CMR 7.04 Electronic Toll Collection
  • Massachusetts adheres to federal mobile device use laws as stated as “76 FR 75470 Restricting the Use of Cellular Phones by Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers, as corrected by 76 FR 82179 - Restricts the use of hand-held mobile telephones by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs)”

Different Types of Driving Reports in the State

MA has only two types of driver records, and they each have a specific purpose, as stated below.

Unattested Driving Record

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles: “An Unattested Public Driving Record This record is primarily used for personal or informational purposes. This type of Public Driving Record can be accessed at the end of this transaction. The cost of the Public Driving Record is $8.00.”

True and Attested Public Driving Record

According to the MA Registry of Motor Vehicles: The True and Attested Public Driving Record “is primarily used for official and court purposes as it is stamped with the signature of the Registrar. The RMV will mail this record, along with an explanatory cover letter, only to the record holder at the address that is on file in RMV records. The cost is $20.00. This type could be used for background checks. These are also considered certified driving records.


Criminal Driving Offenses

Criminal driving offenses are serious violations and punishable by jail or prison time, steep fines, and even sometimes court-ordered rehabilitation programs. Often these crimes result in the loss of a Massachusetts driver license.

Some examples of criminal driving offenses in the state include:

  • Vehicular manslaughter
  • Reckless driving
  • Evading a police officer
  • Driving without insurance
  • Driving without a license or one that is expired, revoked, or suspended
  • Speeding
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Resisting an officer

Civil Driving Offenses

Civil infractions are far less serious and usually result in either a warning or a fine. The fines typically range from $35-$175 and must be paid within 20 days. If not paid on time, the subject may have to pay a huge late fee. Some examples of civil driving offenses in the state are:

  • Sending or reading text messages while driving
  • Running a red light or stop sign
  • Parking in a no-parking zone
  • Going the wrong way down a one-way street
  • Broken taillight
  • Failing to yield
  • Not wearing a seatbelt
  • Speeding (not excessively)
  • Driving without a vehicle registration
  • Driving without a license plate

State Driving Records Statistics

The state of Massachusetts takes safe driving seriously, and to improve road conditions and laws, the state collects and analyzes crash data on a regular basis. Some interesting crash statistics for Massachusetts include:

  • From Jan 1 - May 26, 2021, the state saw 36,075 crashes
  • For that same period, 121 of those crashes were fatal
  • The state has experienced 440 pedestrian crashes so far for 2021
  • 201 bicycle crashes were reported so far for 2021
  • 2017 had the highest number of crashes in the past 10 years for a total of around 145,000
  • People 25-34 have the highest number of crashes
  • The majority of all crashes are property damage only
  • For 2020, 93.8% of all drivers were insured
  • 2020 saw 1,000 fewer DUI arrests
  • Worcester county has the highest number of accidents
  • July is the deadliest month for car fatalities
  • Saturday and Sunday have the highest number of crashes
  • 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. is the time with the highest number of car accidents

Driving Records Search Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about state driving records.

Who Can Get a Copy of Your Driving Record?

Only qualified individuals can get a copy of your Massachusetts driving record. According to Mass.Gov, the Registry of Motor Vehicles:

“If a third party is interested in obtaining a Registry record that contains personal information about another person, the requester must certify that they are eligible to view the record. Eligibility details and required identification can be found in the Request for Personal Information in the RMV Records form.

The requester must complete the request form and obtain a notarized signature of the person whose personal information is being requested. If a federal, state, or local agency wants access to an RMV record, the agency must either obtain a subpoena or follow the protocols outlined above.”

Can I Order a State Driver’s License Records Online?

Yes, the state has a way for you to order online or through the mail using the downloadable form.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Report?

When ordering a report, you will need the following information:

  • Driver’s license/learner’s permit number
  • Full name: first and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Social Security Number (SSN) for the driver
  • Requester information (if you are requesting the record for someone else)
  • Email address
  • Applicable fee

Does the State Use a Points System?

No, the state of Massachusetts does not use a point system, but they keep track of how many accidents and violations you incur. However, some insurance companies do use a surcharge points system that affects rates.


Helpful State Driving Record Links

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