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Instant Divorce Records Online

Divorce Records

Divorce Records

Divorce records are readily available pieces of information compiled and kept at most states' Department of Health or Registry of Vital Records. They disclose the full name of both parties involved in a divorce, date, and place where the divorce occurred. When searching for a person's divorce records online, you can consult all the above details from your internet browser, with a few clicks.

Divorce Filing Records

Divorce Filing Records

Unsealed divorce filing records are filed with a public office, meaning that anyone can have access to them and the following information they contain: petitioner's name, respondent's name, date of filing, state of filing, filing number, divorce judgment, court records, and assets.

Divorce Details

Divorce Details

Other sensitive data linked to a divorce case is also open for your inspection, including divorce reason, custody info, parenting plan, visitation rights, financial child support, and spousal support.

Divorce Records Report

What Else You Can Find in a Divorce Records Report?

Asset Records

In general, in a divorce case, all marital property is split evenly. Records of divorce property division encompass a wide range of asset types that were acquired during a marriage, such as retirement plans, savings, real estate, aircraft, boats, high-priced items (art, car collections), businesses, life insurance policies, copyrights, and investments.

Criminal Records

The Criminal Records section of your report will disclose whether either of the divorcing parties was arrested and on what charges. Also, you'll know of any outstanding warrants, felony records (punished with more than one-year jail time) or misdemeanor records (less than one year in prison), convictions and dispositions details, mugshots, jail records, DUI/DWI records, parole/probation details, police report details, and more.

Common Questions About Divorce Records

Are Divorce Papers Public Record?

Divorce papers are public unless the judge in charge of the case sealed them. The simplest way to check divorce status is to conduct an online search with a private service/database such as InfoTracer. We promptly deliver on your screen the full names of the divorcing parties, ages, date, and country of divorce.

What does the Court Records Section of my Report Include?

The Court Records section of your report takes family court records a step further by gathering relevant data from thousands of municipal, county, state and federal courthouses. The information will be sourced from tax liens, criminal court cases, bankruptcy filings, legal judgments, personal injury cases, court cases, traffic court cases, small claims court cases, family court cases, and more.

How are Assets Classified in a Divorce Case?

Divorce court records are deeply connected to assets division. If spouses cannot agree on how to split assets, a court will do it. Depending on the state, in a divorce case, assets are classified as either marital property or separate property. Marital property includes all assets acquired by both or either spouses during their marriage, while separate property refers to everything owned by each party before marriage or after divorce.

How to Lookup Divorce Records with InfoTracer?

On InfoTracer we provide you with an efficient, quick and hassle-free lookup tool. Gain access to accurate and detailed information whenever you try to find divorce records online.

Millions of public records are instantly available at your fingertips. Just enter the full name and the state and a report will be generated instantly. Every search is confidential, keeping your identity strictly anonymous.

Instant Divorce Records Search
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