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Instant Divorce Records Search

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Access Millions of Divorce Records Nationwide

InfoTracer's extensive divorce records database covers the entire nation whenever sources are available, including numerous counties and municipalities.

InfoTracer's reports include essential details such as marriage records and divorce records, states and counties where the divorce(s) took place, extended family of the divorcees, grounds for the divorce, and much more. Potentially uncover a wealth of public information such as divorce or marriage dates, county of record, number of children from the marriage, type of divorce decree, and much more.

If you need divorce records that include details like a divorce certificate or file number, full names of people involved in the divorce, or dates and locations of divorce proceedings, then these reports are exactly what you need. All of the available public data information on a divorced search subject is compiled into one easy-to-read comprehensive report for the best research experience possible.

What Does a Divorce Records Report Include?

Divorce Records

  • Bride’s & Groom’s Names
  • Bride’s & Groom’s Ages
  • Marriage and Divorce Date
  • Marriage Location
  • And More

Divorce Filing Information

  • County of Divorce
  • Grounds for Divorce
  • Divorce Court
  • Case Number
  • And More

Public Divorce Records

  • Divorce Location
  • Court Case Status
  • Legal Representative Names and Addresses
  • Judge’s Name
  • And more

Divorce File Information

  • Divorce File Number
  • Divorce Certificate Number
  • Divorce Code Number
  • Specific Divorce Case Number
  • And More
What Does a Divorce Records Report Include?

Types of Divorce Records

Divorce Records & Decrees

Divorce records are documented information compiled and kept at most states' Department of Health or Registry of Vital Records. They disclose the full name of both parties involved in a divorce, the date, and the place where the divorce occurred. Detailed divorce records also include details about the grounds for divorce and whether or not the divorce was granted. On the other hand, a divorce decree is the final piece of paper a judge signs off on that fully grants and legalizes the divorce. It also illustrates the division of property and custody of the children.

Divorce Filing Information

Unsealed divorce filing records are filed with a public office, meaning anyone can access them and the following information they cover. That is the petitioner's name, respondent's name, date of filing, state of filing, filing number, divorce judgment, court records, and assets. However, the availability of data to requesters depends on the state laws. Most states allow access to parents, children, law enforcement, legal representatives, and the persons on the record.

Public Records

Public divorce records include information on the marriage dissolution, court records, and other contact information. The location of the divorce, petitioner, and respondent details, like names as well as addresses, are provided. Requesters may also track the status of the case to determine if it has been finalized or not. Court case documents, including divorce, marriage certificate, and decree of dissolution, are available for viewing. Legal representative names and contacts are also provided. Interested parties may view the judge’s name, divorce court, and the grounds for divorce as well. Custody notes may be presented depending on the jurisdiction the divorce took place.

Asset Information

Some asset information of separating couples is indicated as part of the court records. However, these records may only be accessed by parties granted access, like parents, children, verified close relations, law enforcement agencies, and legal representatives. Asset information available to these parties includes apartments, businesses, cars, houses, and other high-value properties. It also includes liabilities or debts incurred during the marriage and the judgments concerning these items.

Common Questions About Our Service

Do you offer nationwide coverage?

Yes, we cover all 50 states including thousands of counties, cities and municipalities.

Do you offer nationwide coverage?

Yes, we have national coverage, including thousands of counties, cities, and municipalities.

Can I run unlimited divorce record lookups?

Yes, you will have unlimited search access to millions of divorce records nationwide.

Do you offer search assistance?

Yes, our search experts can help if you need help locating specific records.

What types of divorce court records do you have?

You will have access to divorce decrees, filing information, spousal information, extended family identities, legal representative details, and asset information.

Where does your data come from?

Our reports are compiled from thousands of government records, which include courthouses, county offices, municipalities, federal sources, & much more!

How is my report delivered?

You get instant access to your report on any device you are using.

Are my searches confidential?

Yes, every search you make is always confidential.

How often is your data updated?

Our data is updated on a regular basis, with some databases updated on a daily basis.

Are divorce papers public records?

Divorce papers are public unless the judge in charge of the case sealed them. The simplest way to check divorce status is to search online with a private service/database such as InfoTracer. We promptly deliver to your screen the full names of the divorcing parties, ages, dates, and counties of divorce.

Are there multiple types of divorces?

Yes, there can be a wide range of divorce records, sometimes called the dissolution of marriage records. It all depends on the types of divorce proceedings, like when couples opt for mediation instead of standard court proceedings. These can include annulments, trial and permanent separations, common-law marriage divorces, and contested or uncontested divorces.

What is the Difference Between Separation and Divorce?

When two people who were married decide to live apart, they have the option of getting a legal separation or a divorce. Both require legal filings and at least a temporary custody agreement if children are involved. However, they are different, and a legal separation can be reversed, whereas a divorce is final and requires that you get remarried if you later decide to rekindle your romance.

What does the court records section of my report include?

The Court Records section of your report takes family court records a step further by gathering relevant data from thousands of municipal, county, state and federal courthouses. The information will be sourced from tax liens, criminal court cases, bankruptcy filings, legal judgments, personal injury cases, court cases, traffic court cases, small claims court cases, family court cases, and more. These records will include items such as name changes, property division for bigger assets like houses and properties, and alimony payments.

Do All States Have Fault and No-Fault Divorces?

No, not all states have statutes for fault and no-fault divorces. However, if your state does have this statute, it will be included in your divorce decree and records.

How are assets classified in a divorce case?

Divorce court records are deeply connected to asset division. If spouses cannot agree on how to split assets, a court will do it, but that will increase the cost of the divorce. Depending on the state, in a divorce case, assets are classified as either marital property or separate property. Marital property includes all assets acquired by both or either spouse during their marriage, while separate property refers to everything owned by each party before marriage or after divorce.

What About Child Support and Alimony - Are Those On Divorce Records?

Most divorce settlement agreements include descriptions of any type of payment required to go from one former spouse to the other, especially when child custody is part of the divorce. This can include child support payments calculated by the court depending on which parent has custody, and it can include alimony payments. Typically, the parent with sole custody or majority physical custody will receive child support payments from the other spouse to help cover the costs of raising the child(ren) from the marriage.

How Do I File for Divorce in My State?

Each state has different steps for filing for divorce. It is essential that you look up the rules for filing for divorce in your state or contact an attorney to help walk you through the process of filing or answering a divorce petition. Since the laws are unique to each state, only a licensed attorney will be able to help you navigate the divorce laws in your state.

How to look up divorce records with InfoTracer?

On InfoTracer, we provide you with an efficient, quick, and hassle-free lookup tool that will help you find public divorce records. Gain access to detailed information whenever you try to find divorce records online. Millions of public records are instantly available at your fingertips. Just enter the full name and the state, and a report will be generated instantly.

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