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    Court Records Search

    What Are Court Records?

    Court Records Search

    From criminal records to marriage records, a person can find the details about an individual in their lives that could prove invaluable. Every time an individual is brought into a court room of any nature through the government, a court record is created. Depending on the nature of the case, preliminary action, or reported details; determines the information available to the public, at every stage of the court process. Below, for your convenience, we examine the nature of the most telling types of government public records, court records; to help you understand-first, what information is available to you; and second, how to approach the most comprehensive search for this court records search information.

    InfoTracer offers comprehensive and up to date information on the following kinds of significant court records:

    • Nationwide Criminal Check: One of the most valuable types of information that you might want to glean from court records search is what the criminal background is on a particular individual. A nationwide criminal check, as offered by InfoTracer, will scour our comprehensive databases for federal, state, county, and municipal court level criminal cases, and their details.
    • Liens and Judgments: A lien or a related judgment of this kind offers valuable information on whether an individual with past financial problems has been ordered by the court to be unable to sell a piece of their property prior to paying a certain amount to their debtor.
    • Aliases: You may think you know the person you are involved with but do you really? They could easily have a set of aliases that they have used to commit previous crimes or misdeeds. Running a check through InfoTracer could offer this information as known by the court.
    • Sex Offender Check: Another kind of court record that you most certainly want to be aware of is the sexual offender check records. Knowing whether an individual has been accused and/or sentenced as a sex offender is a key type of court records information to have at hand.
    • Felonies and Misdemeanors: Beyond just having an idea that the individual in question has committed crimes in their past, you really need to know what kinds of crimes these were: infractions, felonies, and/or misdemeanors. InfoTracer gives you this invaluable distinction. You can also learn what they were arrested for and/or convicted of.
    • Probations and Jail: With a court record search, you are privy to information as to whether the individual you know is or has been incarcerated for a crime, and if they are currently serving a probationary period for it.

    Finding court records information of this kind is invaluable and also can be easy and instantaneous, especially if you use our InfoTracer service. We give you up to date, comprehensive, and accurate court records information in a matter of seconds.

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