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Wyoming Municipal Courts

Wyoming Municipal Courts are the lowest courts in the state, and every incorporated town or city has one. These courts have no civil jurisdiction, so they only handle criminal matters and ordinance violations.

The most common type of case in Municipal Courts are traffic violations and parking tickets. They have exclusive jurisdiction over local city ordinance violations. These courts can assess a punishment of six months in jail or a $750 fine or both.

The Mayor appoints most Municipal Court judges after getting the consent of the city council. Each Municipal Court judge serves a different term based on city laws. Many, work part-time and practice law during off-hours.

In 1967, the state of Wyoming formed the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM). This non-profit organization assists the municipalities of the state. They put out a directory with all the Municipal Courts included along with contact information, judges bios and other details. The WAM association has a website all their own with even more information for interested parties.

The Wyoming Judicial Branch website has resources to assist patrons of Municipal Courts, including a payment portal where users can pay traffic tickets and other fines online. The state uses a third-party vendor for this service but has a link to it on their website. Additionally, the public can visit the site to learn more about these courts, download forms, get help with self-represented cases, find an attorney, read publications, review the court rules, learn about jury duty and get help with their case.

The entire court system in Wyoming is supported and assisted by the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC). They provide direction, leadership, and administrative services to all the courts, judges, and staff. Their mission is: “It is the goal of the Administrative Office of the Courts to promote public trust and confidence in the Wyoming judiciary. “

Courts in Wyoming

Cheyenne Municipal Court

City Of Casper Municipal Court

Rawlins Municipal Court

Gillette City Municipal Court

Lander Municipal Court

Douglas Municipal Court

Torrington City Court

Green River Municipal Court

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