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Virginia Court of Appeals

Virginia's Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court for the state. They have appellate jurisdiction over appeals that come from Circuit Courts regarding domestic relations, traffic violations and criminal cases (except death penalty cases - those go directly to the Supreme Court) and administrative agency appeals. The Court of Appeals also handles cases from the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission.

There is one Chief Judge in the Court of Appeals and ten judges. The Court of Appeals is also supported by four "Senior Judges," who offer recommendations and assistance. The Court of Appeals sits in panels of three judges to hear appeals by reviewing written briefs and oral arguments.

All other appeals are a matter of right, and the Virginia Court of Appeals has original jurisdiction to issue writs of mandamus, prohibition, and habeas corpus. For many cases such as traffic infractions, misdemeanor appeals, and domestic relations appeals, the Court of Appeals decision is final. The case can go no further.

Although most parties in cases reviewed by the Court of Appeals have the right to ask for another review, only certain cases may be re-reviewed by the Supreme Court if they feel it is warranted.

Virginia's Judicial System website aids patron of the Court of Appeals by offering e-filing for most types of cases. This applies to cases with attorneys and self-represented cases. They also have all the forms necessary to file a case on the website. They offer guides, ADA accommodations, published "opinions" from the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals along with Court Clerk's information and other supports and resources.

On average, the Virginia Court of Appeals hears only about 2,100 cases per year. The majority are criminal appeals, the second highest number of them are for domestic relations cases, and the Workers' Compensation claims and administrative agency appeals.

Virginia Court Records Search
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