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Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal

The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal (RITT) is an essential part of the unified justice system. In a single year, this court hears over 107,000 traffic violations cases and more than 450 appeals. RITT contributes more than 13 million dollars to the state budget through traffic tickets and fines paid by offenders.

Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal handles all types of traffic violations such as DUI/DWIs, parking tickets, speeding, insurance issues, marijuana infractions, other road violations, and local ordinance issues.

The Traffic Tribunal includes a Chief Magistrate, Administrative Magistrate, two Associate Judges, and three Magistrates. They offer same-day, walk-in service for most issues. Their courtrooms rely heavily on technology for the efficiency of processing the large volume of cases that end up in RITT.

The Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal is committed to community involvement and works extensively with the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy and the Municipal Police Training Academy to provide the public with training programs. Additionally, they participate in the annual Rhode Island Education Partnership for students. RITT was a featured presenter at the 2010 Rhode Island Bar Association Annual Meeting. Court personnel is heavily involved in other state organizations to promote safety, collaborative relationships, and public participation.

The Rhode Island Judicial Branch website has extensive resources for patrons of the Traffic Tribunal. Along with court locations, contact information for the Court Clerk, they provide directions, various forms for all types of self-represented cases for filing, rules of procedure, FAQs, e-filing options to pay fines, fees, and tickets online as well as detailed biographies of the court personnel. Since this court’s system uses a lot of technology, they offer a handy guide to patrons that helps navigate the system and provide solutions to common error messages.

Rhode Island Court Records Search