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Clackamas County Courthouse

  • Court Name:Clackamas County Courthouse
  • Court Type:Circuit Court
  • State (abbv):OR
  • County:Clackamas
  • Street Add:807 Main Street
  • City:Oregon City
  • Zip Code:97045
  • Phone:503-655-8447
  • Fax:503-650-8924
  • Hours:Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm
  • Website URL:
  • Judge:Hon. Ann M. Lininger
  • Clerk:Debbie Spradley
  • Parking:There are several parking options in the downtown Oregon City area. Please allow extra time to find a place to park, or consider the transit options that serve Oregon City.
  • Restrictions:Tweeting and blogging from the hallway outside the courtroom is not restricted and you may do so.
  • Media Relations / Journalist Access:Not without permission. Prior authorization must be obtained in order to take photographs or videos in all courthouse public space. For permission to use cameras on court facility premises, but not in a courtroom, you must contact the Office of the Presiding Judge. This restriction applies to all court facilities in the Fifth Judicial District – the Courthouse, Juvenile Court, and the Ralph M. Holman Law Center.
  • Languages:English
  • Facebook:
Clackamas County Courthouse
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