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Oklahoma Special Courts

Along with Oklahoma's District Courts, the judicial branch created four special courts to handle particular areas of interest.

Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims - This court has ten judges appointed by the Governor and handles injury compensation claims. Their website explains their mission as "The Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Court of Existing Claims applies the law as set out in the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Code. Its responsibility is to provide fair and timely procedures for the resolution of disputes and identification of issues involving on-the-job injuries. To this end, we dedicate ourselves to carry out this responsibility and to serve the public promptly, courteously, and impartially."

Court of Tax Review - the Court of Tax Review has three judges and handles protests on tax levies. This court also hears administrative agency appeals. The Court of Tax Review is not subject to a jury trial.

Municipal Court (not of record) - Oklahoma has 352 Municipal Courts (not of record) with 360 full/part-time judges. They primarily hear city ordinance violations cases. Municipal Court cases can use jury trials.

Municipal Criminal Court of Record -The Oklahoma Municipal Criminal Court of Record has seven full-time judges and hears criminal matters related to ordinance violations. Most often, this includes traffic violations, and this court does use jury trials.

Oklahoma has 77 counties and one Court Clerk in each county. The clerk is an officer of the court, and their duties are ministerial, including the collection of fees, fines and other payments, maintenance of records, and keepers of the unified case management system.

The Oklahoma State Courts Network website has a portal where patrons can log on, find their case and pay fines and fees online. This is particularly relevant to Municipal Court cases which often involve parking tickets or other traffic-related incidents that incur fines.

Oklahoma Court Records Search
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