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Oklahoma District Courts

Oklahoma’s District Courts are the general jurisdiction courts for the state and the backbone of the judiciary. Most patrons of the court system will use District Courts. These courts hear both civil and criminal matters. Appeals from District Courts go either to the Supreme Court or the Court of Criminal Appeals.

There are 75 District Court Judges, 77 Associate District Judges, and 89 Special Judges who work in District Courts.

The types of cases heard in District Court are exclusive civil cases and small claims of up to $6,000, exclusive domestic relations, criminal cases, and juvenile cases, traffic infractions and ordinance violations. The Oklahoma State Courts Network website has a listing of many types of forms for self-represented litigants for things like child support, divorce, civil lawsuits, small claims, workers’ compensation and other types of common legal actions. They also have a listing of each District Court. The details show images and names of each District Court judge, the Court Clerk, hours of operation, address, map and directions, list of the counties included in the district, phone, fax, and other contact information. Each District Court page also has a county case search link. The same website has a link for self-help and legal assistance.

Oklahoma is split into 26 judicial districts with District Courts in each. Each district is comprised of one or many counties. These districts are further divided into nine administrative regions. The total budget for the year for District Courts is 64,492.

All District Court judges join together and elect nine presiding judges. Each of these represents the district for administrative and supervisory tasks. Each month they meet with the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeals to talk about the administration of justice, along with improvements and other development within the judiciary branch.

Courts in Oklahoma

Adair County Courthouse

Alfalfa County Courthouse

Atoka County Courthouse

Beaver County Courthouse

Beckham County Courthouse

Blaine County Courthouse

Bryan County Courthouse

Caddo County Courthouse

Canadian County Courthouse

Carter County Courthouse

Oklahoma Court Records Search
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