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Mayor's Courts

Ohio's Mayor's Courts are a separate entity from the main judicial branch and other trial courts. They are not courts of record, but they still fall under the supervision of the Supreme Court and must file quarterly and annual reports to them. The Ohio General Assembly requires that the Supreme Court hold Mayor's Courts to specific rules of conduct and basic legal education for mayors. In towns where mayors resolve matters related to alcohol and drug-related issues mayors must undergo further legal training.

Other than Louisiana, Ohio is the only state to allow mayors to preside over court proceedings. Municipalities in Ohio that have more than 200 people and no Municipal Court can create a Mayor's Court to hear cases for local ordinance violations and traffic offenses. Mayors who preside over Mayor's Courts do not need to be attorneys but may appoint a lawyer in his or her place to hear the cases in Mayor's Court.

Cases heard in Mayor's Court may be appealed to the Municipal or County Court in the same jurisdiction as the municipality where the issue occurred. Mayor's Courts do hear cases involving misdemeanors.

The Ohio Judicial System website has a page with all trial courts in the state, listed alphabetically. If someone cannot find the court they are looking for, there is also a phone number and email address to contact the court clerk for help. Additionally, the courts allow e-filing, which is available but not mandatory. Most of the Ohio court system is manual and operates with court clerks managing records and paperwork. The Clerk's Office is the hub of the Ohio court system and performs many duties such as "maintains the Court's case files, case dockets, journal, and lower court records; prepares and issues Court orders; schedules oral arguments and the Court's consideration of other case matters; and coordinates inter-agency communication in death penalty cases."

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