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Ohio Court of Appeals

The State Constitution established Ohio's Court of Appeals. It is the intermediate appellate court for the state. The Courts of Appeal hear appeals from the Court of Common Pleas, Municipal and County Courts. In all cases, a panel of three judges sits to review appeals.

The state of Ohio is split into twelve appellate districts. Each district has its own Court of Appeals. There is a different number of judges in each district depending on the court's caseload, size of the district, and other factors. The minimum number of judges per district is four, and the maximum number is twelve. The Ohio Judicial System website has a map of each appellate district and a link to each Court of Appeals for the district. Each link shows the counties included, the court contact, the judge's information along with rules of the court, and other information.

The Courts of Appeal also have original jurisdiction to hear "applications for writs of habeas corpus, mandamus, procedendo, prohibition and quo warranto." District ten's Court of Appeals in Franklin County has the authority to hear appeals from the Ohio Court of Claims.

The Ohio Court of Appeals judges are elected in even-numbered years in nonpartisan votes. They serve six-year terms. Each must first be an attorney having served six years in the practice of law before being elected to office. In the event of a vacancy, the Governor appoints someone to fill the seat until the next election.

Ohio's Courts of Appeal are not trial courts, and they do not review facts of law. They examine an original trial to ensure that the law was applied correctly, and the verdict does not contain any errors. Courts of Appeal opinions are posted on the website for public review.

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