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New York Court of Claims

New York’s Court of Claims is a specialized court that deals with a single type of issue. According to the website this court “is the exclusive forum for civil litigation seeking damages against the State of New York or certain other State-related entities such as the New York State Thruway Authority, the City University of New York, the Olympic Regional Development Authority, the Roswell Park Cancer Institute Corporation and the New York State Power Authority (claims for the appropriation of real property only).”

These courts have no jurisdiction over any city or town government, nor any individual defendant and they do not process criminal or other civil issues, only cases brought against the state or its affiliates. New York’s Court of Claims is subject to the Court of Claims Act, and the Uniform Rules for the Court of Claims (22 NYCRR Part 206). This court has nine locations around the state.

The website has an extensive section on the Court of Claims including a page of FAQs where they suggest patrons of the court begin. They also offer forms for filing a Court of Claims case, an e-filing option, a fax-filing option, some information on ADA accommodations, courtroom technology (many cases are now videotaped), posted decisions and trial transcripts. Additionally, they offer some links of interest, rules of the court, the Court of Claims laws, contact information, the main location address, along with the phone number and the Court of Claims Presiding Judge’s information and Chief Clerk. The hours of operation are also posted on the website along with special notices and Court of Claims news for the public.

For the last year tallied, New York’s Court of Claims saw 1,816 new filings and processed 1,850 cases that were already on the books.

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