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New Hampshire Probate Court

The New Hampshire Circuit Court Probate Division was created to handle specific legal matters regarding probate such as wills, estates, name changes, guardianship, adoptions, involuntary commitment of incapacitated people, termination of parental rights, the partition of property and other related issues.

New Hampshire Probate Courts exist in each of the ten counties throughout the state. New Hampshire judges actively promote mediation as an alternative to a courtroom battle. They have a well-developed program and trained mediators. The services do not cost litigants anything to use but saves the court time and money if successful.

The Probate Courts deal with family and other potentially emotional legal issues. Therefore, the New Hampshire court system has developed a website to guide patrons through the legal process and provide resources such as forms for filing, e-filing options, search areas to find a court location or search for a case. Additionally, they set up estate appointments, show court calendars, list court fees, FAQS, court codes, and contact information. The New Hampshire Judiciary Branch website also has quick links for common things like adoption, civil cases, estate issues, guardianships and the forms to fill out and name changes. They have an entire section on mediation so people can learn more about that process also.

The judicial branch website also has a “find a court” feature that lists each town, so it’s easy for litigants to find the court they need in their area. They also have it broken down by Circuit Court types: District Courts, Family Courts, and Probate Courts. For the last year calculated, New Hampshire saw 10,443 total filings. Of those, 6,993 were for estate issues, 1,305 were for name changes, 959 were for guardianship cases, 457 were for involuntary commitments of ill people, 262 were for adoptions, and the rest were minor estate or civil claims.

New Hampshire Court Records Search