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New Hampshire District Courts

New Hampshire established its Circuit Courts in 2011 and split them into three divisions. The first is District Courts. These three divisions together see more than 90 percent of all the cases heard in New Hampshire courts. New Hampshire has 32 Circuit Court District Division locations in the state. These courts are called “community courts.”

The types of cases heard in District Court are traffic and parking offenses, misdemeanors, landlord-tenant disputes, small claims, stalking cases, and other civil actions. They also handle tort cases, real property cases of up to $25,000 and small claims up to $10,000. They have exclusive jurisdiction over mental health cases and probate/estate cases. They can also hold preliminary hearings for more serious crimes that will go to Superior Court for a jury trial. They also handle some juvenile issues.

The state of New Hampshire is divided into ten judicial circuits with District Courts spread throughout them. The New Hampshire Judicial Branch website has a listing of each court, the address, phone number, and contact information for the court assistant. It also details which towns are located in each district and directions to the courthouse. Along with court locations, the site offers court rules, support for domestic abuse victims, resources like mediation, record check requests, and e-filing options. The website also provides quick links to contact the court, find downloadable forms, filing fees, serviced centers, a list of court codes and some FAQS to help newcomers.

For the last year calculated, District Courts saw 93,024 total cases. Of that total, 64,634 were criminal filings, 14,097 were small claims, 7,409 were for landlord-tenant issues, 4,818 were civil suits, 1,729 were probate or estate matters, 221 were domestic relations cases, and the other 116 were juvenile cases.

New Hampshire Court Records Search