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Nevada Municipal Courts

Nevada’s Municipal Courts are the other type of limited jurisdiction court for the state. They focus on local ordinance violations that occur within the city limits of their municipalities. Each of Nevada’s 17 Municipal Courts is listed on the Nevada Judicial Branch website along with the courthouse location, phone number, email and website address. There are 30 judges that serve the Municipal Courts of Nevada.

The types of cases heard in Municipal Court are a lot of traffic violations, non-traffic misdemeanors, parking violations, civil matters up to $2,500, tort cases, contract disputes, and misdemeanors where the punishment would be fines of less than $1,000 or less than six months in jail. Some cases can use jury trials, but a judge hears most cases. Municipal Courts are funded entirely by the city budget. Eight of the judges that serve Municipal Courts also work in Justice Courts. Cases in Municipal Courts are first appealed to the District Courts then the Court of Appeals.

The Nevada Judicial Branch website is geared towards patrons of the court system. Since most of the cases resolved in Municipal Court are minor traffic violations and parking tickets, the court has made it easy for people to pay those online, saving time and money. The website also offers a ton of resources for self-represented individuals such as video tutorials, brochures, rules and regulations of the court, online forms for filing, connections to attorneys and other legal help along with general court assistance. Current court news is also posted regularly for users of the court system, and attorneys helping clients.

For the last year computed, Nevada’s Municipal Courts saw 178,149 filings. Of that total, 129,695 were traffic violations, 46,223 were for criminal offenses, and 2,231 were civil actions.

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