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Nevada Justice Courts

Nevada's Justice Courts are one of the two types of limited jurisdiction trial courts for the state. These courts can use jury trials in most cases except for small claims cases, traffic, and parking violations. The types of cases resolved in Justice Court are tort cases, real property cases up to $15,000 and small claims of up to $10,000. They also handle protective orders, civil actions, misdemeanors, preliminary hearings of severe crimes, traffic violations, and other issues.

The Nevada Revised Statutes govern Nevada's Justice Courts. There are 65 Justices of the Peace that serve the 40 Justice Courts in the state. A common type of activity seen in these courts is the determination of whether or not a felony or gross misdemeanor is warranted to turn over to District Courts. Justice Courts also process summary evictions.

Justice Courts are people's courts; therefore, the Nevada Judicial Branch website is geared towards helping self-represented individuals and patrons of the court. They offer an extensive area of forms for filing documents, e-filing to file online or pay tickets, fines and fees and they also provide video tutorials, guides, brochures and the rules and procedures of the court. Additionally, they have all case files online, and users can quickly find their case, search for a court, find a specific document, grab contact information for the clerk of the court, find an attorney, get court assistance and read a list of FAQs on important topics.

Each of the Justice Court locations is listed on the judicial branch website along with the address, phone number, email, and website.

For the last year tallied, Justice Courts saw 515,611 total filings. Of that figure, the majority (318,257) were traffic cases, 122,346 were for civil lawsuits, and 75,008 were for criminal cases.

Nevada Court Records Search