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Nevada District Courts

The Nevada District Courts are the general jurisdiction trial courts for the state. Most of the cases held in District Courts use jury trials. They handle real property cases of $15,000 or more, tort cases, domestic relations matters, probate/estate issues, felonies, misdemeanors, and exclusive mental health and juvenile cases. They also hear appeals from the Justice and Municipal Courts.

District Courts also resolve civil, family, juvenile and criminal matters through mediation, arbitration, bench trials (where the judge decides) or jury trials. There are 82 District Court judges that serve the 11 judicial districts. Nevada has a total of 17 District Courts, and they are funded equally by the state and counties. Judges are elected into office in their own county but can work in any district of the state.

Nevada’s Judicial Branch website has each District Court listed on their website, and when the link is clicked, it provides the courthouse address, email, phone number, and website. The judicial site also has an area where patrons can search for a case or find a court. They offer forms, instructions, guides, and videos to help people use the Nevada court system efficiently. Additionally, their e-filing tool, called EFlex, allows users to pay tickets, fines, and court fees online along with filing documents into their cases.

When dealing with District Courts, most people will have to go through the Court Clerk’s Office. They are the intermediary between the courts and litigants. They support all court personnel and provide administrative assistance as well.

For the last year tallied, Nevada’s District Courts saw a total of 141,330 filings. Of those, 81,417 were for family issues, 29,715 were for civil actions, 17,535 were for criminal offenses, 9,978 were juvenile offenses, and 2,685 were for traffic-related issues.

Courts in Nevada

First Judicial District Court

Second Judicial District Court

Third Judicial District Court

Fifth Judicial District Court

Sixth Judicial District Court

Seventh Judicial District Court

Eighth Judicial District Court

Ninth Judicial District Court

Tenth Judicial District Court

Eleventh Judicial District Court

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