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Nevada Court System

Nevada Court System

The Nevada Court of Appeals is the intermediate appellate court in the state and hears about one-third of all cases that are sent to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court assigns three judges to a panel in the Court of Appeals to hear cases and review trial details from the lower courts. Both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are located in Carson City but also have a courthouse in Las Vegas.

Most interaction between patrons and court staff when dealing with either appellate court will first go through the Court Clerk's Office. According to Nevada's Judicial Branch website, "In addition to being the custodian of the courts' records, the clerk keeps the courts' dockets, schedules oral arguments, and issues writs at the direction of the courts. The Clerk's Office also administers the Settlement Program and oversees the courts' publications."

Supreme Court
Court of Appeals
District Court
Justice Court
Municipal Court

Nevada Court Records That are not Open to the Public

Nevada has all their court records dating back to 1990 online, searchable and accessible by the general public. Some records, however, will remain private and will not be open to the public. Examples of files that are not accessible are sealed domestic records, sealed civil and criminal cases, and any expunged or juvenile records will also not be available to the public. Additionally, the federal government prohibits certain information from being included in court records that are open to the public. Therefore, things like children's names, corporate trade secrets, bank account details, tax IDs, and social security numbers will be removed from the files before they are made public.

NV Judiciary Case Filing Information

Filing Information

Nevada's Judiciary Branch website is well organized for the end-user and makes it easy for litigants to find the forms they need quickly, research topics about their case, find instructions and guides and even file online. This state allows filing documents through the mail, in person at the courthouse or online 24/7 using their e-filing system called EFlex. The Nevada Supreme Court Law Library has a listing of all the forms necessary to file motions, briefs, objections and other documents for a court case. They have them separated for self-represented individuals and attorneys to download.

Search Nevada Court Records Online

Nevada court records are quick and easy to find using Infotracer’s search tool! With it, you can access thousands of court cases in the Silver State, including places like Clark County, Washoe County, and Lyon County. Thanks to the Freedom of Information Act and NV Open Records Act N.R.S. 239 et seq., the public is allowed access to Infotracer’s vast database including criminal court records, civil cases, family court issues such as divorce, bankruptcies, and more.

Any court records search may be performed privately without special permission or information. The person searching doesn’t even need a reason to search except in cases where the record is court-ordered private or confidential by law. Some records cannot be accessed, such as juvenile court records.

Using Infotracer and a Nevada state court records search by name, users can get free instant access to NV court records from all 11 judicial districts. Quickly and easily look up cases online from Nevada district courts, justice courts, and municipal courts.

Nevada Court Statistics

In 2012, the Nevada courts received 963,224 filings. In 2016, the number of filings decreased by 6.0% and counted 905,147 filings and had 838,576 outgoing cases

Total State Caseloads

YearTotal Caseload

Share of Court Type Incoming Caseloads

Court TypeIncoming Caseloads
Domestic Relations6%

Family Court Cases

Domestic relations caseload of Nevada at year end of 2016 has decreased by 4.6% compared to the last 5 years, in 2012 the number of incoming cases have been 59,286 but are higher than in 2015.

YearDomestic Relations CaseloadTotal Statewide Caseload

Nevada Criminal Caseloads

The number of criminal cases in Nevada courts counts to 201,708, with 63,622 felony cases and 138,086 misdemeanors accordingly.

YearCriminal CaseloadMisdemeanor CaseloadFelony Caseload

District Courts

Nevada's District Courts are the general jurisdiction trial courts for the state. They handle civil, criminal, family, and juvenile cases. The state is divided into eleven judicial districts for District Courts. The Silver State has 82 District Court judges that serve 17 counties. Each is elected into office and can serve in any district throughout the state. District Courts may hold jury trials, use a bench trial (where the judge decides the verdict) or use mediation and arbitration to resolve matters. This court hears appeals from both Justice Courts and Municipal Courts. Funding for District Courts come from the state and counties.

Justice Courts

Nevada Justice Courts are limited jurisdiction trial courts governed by the NV Revised Statutes. Most cases in the state end up in either Justice or Municipal Courts. There are 67 Justices of the Peace in the Silver State that sit in 42 Justice Courts. These courts handle preliminary hearings for felonies, non-traffic misdemeanors, small claims cases, summary evictions, temporary protection orders, and traffic violations. They also handle civil claims of less than $10,000. Justice Courts are funded by the county in which it resides. Eight of the Justice Court judges also serve Municipal Courts.

Municipal Courts

Municipal Courts in Nevada are also limited jurisdiction trial courts for the state. They hear a massive volume of cases because most traffic violations end up here. They also resolve non-traffic misdemeanors, parking violations, and other local ordinance crimes. The state has 30 Municipal Court judges spread over 17 Municipal Court locations. Municipal Courts also hear civil actions, tort cases, contract disputes, and real property rights cases. Municipal Courts are funded entirely from the city in which they reside. They share eight judges with the Justice Courts.

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