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Mississippi Circuit Courts

Mississippi’s Circuit Courts are one of the two types of general jurisdiction courts for the state. Circuit and Chancery Courts are the highest trial courts in the state. Mississippi is split into 22 Circuit Court districts. There are 57 Circuit Court judges, and they are elected in non-partisan elections. They each serve four-year terms. In each Circuit Court district, there can be 1-4 judges.

The types of cases that Circuit Courts handle are severe felony cases and civil matters. Other examples are tort cases, contract disputes, and lawsuits with no maximum dollar amount limit. County, Justice and Municipal Courts send their appeals to Circuit Courts. This court also reviews appeals from “administrative boards and commissions such as the Workers’ Compensation Commission and the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.”

Most cases tried in Circuit Court use a 12-member jury, however in some instances a judge may instead preside and make a decision.

The State of Mississippi Judiciary website has a listing of each of the 22 districts for Circuit Court and the towns contained in each one. They also have a detailed listing of the Circuit Court Clerks and judges along with other support staff. These listings include mailing addresses and phone numbers to contact each one. They split them out by each Circuit along with the towns making it easy for patrons to find the correct person in their area.

Along with the contact details for Circuit Court personnel, the judiciary website also has a lot of helpful resources for litigants and the general public. They have searchable court documents, e-filing, a comprehensive list of trial court forms, court news, statistics, bar association links, video tutorials and even assistance for people with disabilities so they can access the legal resources they need.

Mississippi Court Records Search