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Massachusetts Superior Court

The Massachusetts Superior Court has general jurisdiction over all trial courts in the state. There are 20 Superior Courts in Massachusetts with 82 justices presiding over the 14 counties of the Commonwealth. The Superior Court tries civil cases where the “equitable relief” requested is over $25,000. This court also handles labor disputes where injunctive relief is desired and has the exclusive power to organize medical malpractice suits. Only the Massachusetts Superior Court has jurisdiction over first-degree murder cases and original jurisdiction over all other cases. They also have appellate jurisdiction over some administrative matters. Massachusetts Superior Court can also hold naturalization settings in any town throughout the state.

For 2018, the Massachusetts Superior Court held 18,425 civil cases and 4,531 criminal cases for a total annual caseload of 22,956. Also during 2018, the Superior Court allowed 229 cases for review, they dismissed 99, reduced eight sentences and increased five sentences, and another 102 were withdrawn from the system.

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