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Salem District Court

  • Court Name: Salem District Court
  • Court Type: District Court
  • State (abbv): MA
  • County: Essex
  • Street Add: 56 Federal St
  • City: Salem
  • Zip Code: 1970
  • Phone: 978-744-1167
  • Fax: 978-744-3211
  • Hours: Monday - Friday : 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
  • Website URL:
  • Judge: Hon. Robert A. Brennan
  • Clerk: Brian K. Lawlor
  • Parking: There are metered lots as well as paid parking garages available to the public
  • Public Transportation: The Salem District Court is accessible by the Newburyport/Rockport line of the MBTA. The closest stop to the courthouse is Salem Station. The courthouse is also accessible by the following MBTA busses: Express Bus 450, Bus 451, Express Bus 455, Bus 456, Express Bus 459 and Bus 465
  • Restrictions: No cell phones, or other electronic devices
  • Languages: Multiple
  • Special Access: Yes Wheelchair accessible
  • Facebook:
Salem District Court
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