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Massachusetts Municipal Courts

Massachusetts Municipal Court serves Boston exclusively through eight court divisions in the towns of Brighton, Central (downtown), Charlestown, Dorchester, East Boston, Roxbury, South Boston, and West Roxbury. The Municipal Courts employ 30 judges that preside over Municipal Court jurisdiction. The Municipal Court mainly processes civil and criminal cases; however, it also has jurisdiction over some government agency actions. For example, the Municipal Court handles unemployment compensation appeals along with firearm license appeals.

The Massachusetts Municipal Courts mission is to uphold the law “through the conscientious and expeditious resolution of disputes, with a commitment to restoring the human spirit through correction, education, respect, and compassion.”

In 2018, the Massachusetts Municipal Court processed 21,753 criminal cases, 4,221 domestic abuses cases, 4,759 civil cases, 2,126 mental health issues, 9,185 small claims cases, 9,174 motor vehicle infractions, 63 appeals and 9,087 hearings along with a dozen other legal matters for a combined total of 83,301 filings for the year.

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