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Massachusetts Land Courts

The Massachusetts Land Court division was created to govern the registration of titles to real estate and property. They also oversee foreclosures and resolve redemption of real estate tax liens. Any case that deals specifically with owned property or real estate needs to be processed through the Massachusetts Land Court. This justice division also makes decisions involving local planning boards, the zoning board of appeals, and other property issues. They also have superintendent authority over all the Registry of Deeds offices in counties all across the state. The Land Court employs seven justices with one of them being Chief Justice Gordon H. Piper.

In 2018, the Massachusetts Land Court resolved 34,953 property-related cases. The majority (18,878) were for servicemember issues. Another 8,830 were for tax lien foreclosures, ten were for permits, 4,062 were for miscellaneous property, and title matters and the remainder (3,173) dealt with registration issues. Only 15,179 cases were disposed for 2018.

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