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Massachusetts Juvenile Courts

Massachusetts’ Juvenile Court is committed to resolving issues that deal with the crime and protection of minors. Eleven divisions handle both civil and criminal matters. Within those divisions, there are 40 courts with 41 judges presiding. One particular judge included in that group is Chief Justice Amy L. Nechtem.

The Juvenile Court in Massachusetts is in place to protect children from abuse and neglect, rehabilitate juvenile offenders and protect the state from criminal behavior and delinquency perpetrated by minors. Their mission is to strengthen families through their programs.

During 2018, the Massachusetts Juvenile Court recorded 32,785 cases. Of those, 7,864 were for delinquency, 8,602 were for the neglect or abuse of children, another 12,226 were for complaints, 1,057 were for guardianship, 826 for adoption and the rest spread over other various legal issues regarding youths. The town with the highest number of juvenile cases was Worcester which tallied 4,934, followed closely by Essex which totaled 4,598.

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