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Hawaii Land and Tax Courts

The state of Hawaii has split out Land and Tax Courts to be separate entities from other courts. Land Court has exclusive jurisdiction over any matters related to the title and ownership of land such as easements. Land Court has the authority to handle any issues or answer questions related to the Land Court Registration law (chapter 501, Hawaii Revised Statutes). Per the Supreme Court Chief Justice’s request, the Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court of the First Circuit assigns appropriate cases to the Land Court and matches up a judge with each case. Additionally, the Land Court Registrar retains custody and controls all legal paperwork and documents in cases handled under Land Court Registration law.

Hawaii’s State Judiciary website has helpful links on the Land Court and Tax Court page to help users navigate through these issues. They list all fees associated with these types of cases. The website has downloadable forms to help with filing. They also have information on how to locate and contact the Tax or Land Court in someone’s area. Additionally, the website offers access to court records online, a mobile app, e-filing to make things easy and language assistance. Hawaii’s courts are all handicap accessible, and they offer a list of other accessibility options for individuals who need help.

Hawaii’s courts welcome feedback and request patrons help in improving their services. Feedback forms can be filled out directly from the judicial website.

The same process is used to assign cases to the Tax Court. Hawaii’s Tax Court has exclusive jurisdiction over real property taxation and assessments from the Board of Review. There is no jury in Tax Court, and a judge makes a final decision which is upheld by the state Constitution and becomes law.

Hawaii Court Records Search