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Georgia Superior Courts

The state of Georgia has 49 Superior Courts. These courts are the highest trial courts in the state with general jurisdiction over all cases. Two hundred eleven judges sit on Superior Court benches. The Superior Court also has exclusive jurisdiction over felony cases (especially instances where the death penalty comes into play), divorce, equity cases pertaining to the ownership of land, as well as declaratory judgments, habeas corpus, mandamus, quo warranto, and prohibition. The Georgia Superior Court also acts as the first appellate court for many of the lower courts to review decisions made at that level.

The state of Georgia is split up into ten districts, and the Superior Courts are spread out to serve each area. The types of cases processed through the Superior Court are contract disputes, misdemeanors, premises liability, tort cases, domestic relations, traffic infections, and ordinance violations. Georgia’s Superior Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over divorce cases and they handle them all directly. They also handle sex offense cases and a lot of domestic-related issues such as abuse, stalking and protective orders.

Georgia’s Judicial Gateway website brings together all the areas of the judicial system including resources, forms, links and information on each of the court types. They offer users the ability to file court documents electronically, support for many legal actions and other helpful tips. From there users can navigate to the Superior Court’s website where news is posted daily, and rules and information about each of the judges is held. This website also includes a list of about fifty forms that can be used in Superior Court cases.

On average Superior Courts see about 365,500 new filings per year. Forty-six percent of that total are for criminal cases. Thirty-nine percent are for domestic and family cases, and almost fifteen percent is for civil matters.

Courts in Georgia

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