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Georgia Probate Courts

Georgia’s Probate Courts have exclusive original jurisdiction over all probate matters such and estates, wills, mental health cases and institutionalizing someone, guardianships, conservatorships along with other related issues. These are specialized courts with a specific mission to “support our communities by protecting the rights, personal information, and property of our neighbors, and by helping those Georgians who are unable to protect themselves.”

Some of the duties carried out by the Probate Court in Georgia are the administration of estates, the appointment of guardians, overseeing conservatorships, issuing marriage and weapons carry licenses along with the hospitalization of incapacitated adults and other individuals. Some of these courts handle traffic offenses and misdemeanor cases. Some Probate Courts manage vital records. Each Probate Court in the state is unique and has specific goals for their region.

Georgia has established the Council of Probate Court Judges of Georgia to “advance the common interests of Georgia's probate courts and to assist them in fulfilling their responsibilities.” Every probate judge in the state is a member. The purpose of the Council is to support, inform and speak for the Georgia Probate Court judges.

The state of Georgia has a Probate Courts login where users can access cases, check information and upload files. It is used for vital records and caseload issues. Patrons must have an account before using this system. Since a lot of their work involves mentally incapacitated adults and the guardianship of minors, they have resources on their website to assist with conservatorships and guardianship responsibilities. These handbooks are downloadable. Their website also has information on fees involved with these types of cases and who is responsible for which part. This same area has guides to wills and estate planning and how to navigate the probate process within the court system.

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