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Connecticut Superior Courts

Connecticut Superior Courts are the trial courts for the state, and they have general jurisdiction, except over matters of probate. Superior Court is split into 13 judicial districts along with 20 geographical areas and then another 12 juvenile districts. Typically, civil and family cases along with major criminal cases are tried in one of the judicial district court locations. Other types of legal issues are heard at the 20 geographical area locations, and the juvenile districts handle juvenile cases.

Superior Courts in Connecticut are divided into four main divisions: criminal, civil, family and housing. The civil division handles cases involving disputes between two parties. These types of cases may be tried with a judge or jury. The criminal divisions handle criminal cases exclusively. The housing division in Bridgeport, Hartford, New Haven, Stamford-Norwalk and Waterbury judicial districts handle housing disputes. The family division resolves things like divorce, child delinquency, child abuse and neglect, child custody, parental rights, and support.

Due to the fact that Superior Court handles so many different types of cases, Connecticut’s Judicial Branch website has dozens of pages informing visitors how and where to file paperwork for their specific legal matter. There is also a list of all Superior Court judges with contact information on the website. The public can also use their website to look up case information for Superior Court Cases involving civil and family issues, housing and small claims. They have a different area for looking up criminal cases, housing matters, and motor vehicle issues. The Supreme and Appellate Courts have similar lookup tools.

Cases tried in Superior Court may be appealed at the Supreme Court level. During the last year tallied, Connecticut recorded 54,779 new civil filings, 84,899 criminal cases, 28,625 family cases, and 21,538 juvenile cases.

Courts in Connecticut

Ansonia/Milford District Superior Court

Fairfield District Superior Court

Danbury District Superior Court

Hartford District Superior Court

New Britain District Superior Court

New Haven District Superior Court

New London District Superior Court

Norwich District Superior Court

Stamford/Norwalk District Superior Court

Tolland District Superior Court

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