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Sacramento County Superior Court

  • Court Name: Sacramento County Superior Court
  • Court Type: Superior Court
  • State (abbv): CA
  • County: Sacramento
  • Street Add: 720 9th Street
  • City: Sacramento
  • Zip Code: 95814
  • Phone: 916-874-5515
  • Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm.
  • Website URL:
  • Judge: Hon. Larry Brownr
  • Clerk: Christine Lima
  • Parking: St. Joseph's Jury Lot at 8th and G Streets and Lot 297 at 7th and F Streets These are the two designated free parking lots for reporting jurors. You must display a current jury parking permit (located at the top of the summons) on your vehicle dashboard. If you need a current parking permit, please see jury staff in the Jury Assembly Room
  • Public Transportation: If you wish to use public transportation to get to and from the courthouse for jury service, purchase a single-pass ticket and and jury staff will provide a replacement ticket and a return fare ticket. Ride Regional Transit (RT) and eliminate the hassles of fighting traffic congestion, finding a parking spot, and buying gas when you're on jury duty. Some RT Park & Ride lots now require that you pay $1-$2 to park there for the day. The jury office is not able to reimburse the parking fee.
  • Languages: Multiple Language
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Sacramento County Superior Court
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