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Arkansas Court System

Arkansas Court System

The Arkansas Court system consists of one Supreme Court with one Chief Justice and six Associate Justices. The next level is the Court of Appeals with one Chief Judge and 11 other judges. The Supreme Court and Court of Appeals are federal-level courts. The state-level courts include Circuit Courts, split into five divisions to handle separate legal issues such as criminal matters, civil disputes, domestic relations, probate, and juvenile cases. The final level is District Courts, and Arkansas splits those into State and Local District Courts.

There are a total of 28 circuits and 121 Circuit Court judges. There are 37 State District Courts with 54 judges in 166 different departments. AR has 35 Local District Courts with 37 judges and 73 departments. Supreme and Appeal Court judges have terms of 8 years, Circuit Court judges are elected to 6-year terms and District Court judges are in position for four years.

Supreme Court
Court of Appeals
Circuit Court
District Court

Arkansas Court Records That are not Open to the Public

The administrative Office of the Courts has a CourtConnect Website where users can search for cases. However, on their page, they have a disclaimer stating that no images will be included, and some types of cases are omitted. Additionally, only partial information will be available from “Arkansas, Ashley, Bradley, Chicot, Clay, Crittenden, Desha, Drew, Greene, Independence, Jackson, Lafayette, Lawrence, Perry, Randolph, Sebastian, and Stone Counties.” Typically, personal and sensitive information like home address, children’s names, juror information, banking or financial data and personal IDs will not be shown to the public. Additionally, sealed or expunged records will be hidden from public view.

AR Court Case Filing Information

Filing Information

The Arkansas Clerk’s Office of the Court handles all filings for both the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals for civil and criminal cases. The state offers both e-filing and in-person options for the public for cases assigned to either Circuit or District Courts. AR uses the Contexte Case Management System for its e-filing vendor and has named their system eFlex. Users must register for an account and pay a $100 fee before using eFlex. Not all courts throughout the state participate in the e-filing program. There are detailed instructions on how to use the system on the Arkansas court website.

Search Arkansas Court Records Online

Use the Infotracer tool to search quickly and easily for Arkansas court records in the three major counties of Pulaski, Benton, and Washington County or the entire state! The Freedom of Information Act, Ark. Code Ann. §25-19-101 et seq. including §25-19-106 allows individuals the right to access Arkansas criminal records, Arkansas civil records, and court cases from all different types of courts.

The general public can search for all Arkansas public court records without a reason or authorization. The state allows court records searches from district courts, circuit courts, domestic relations court, civil court, and criminal court. Some files will be court-ordered sealed, but most are online and open to the public. Find marriages, divorces, bankruptcies, and more!

Using Infotracer and an Arkansas state court records name search, you can gain free access to thousands of Arkansas court records from traffic court, and family court, instantly.

Arkansas Court Statistics

In 2012, the Arkansas courts received 734,010 filings. In 2016, the number of filings decreased by 79.5% and counted 150,511 filings and had 48,439 outgoing cases

Total State Caseloads

YearTotal Caseload

Share of Court Type Incoming Caseloads

Court TypeIncoming Caseloads
Domestic Relations35%

Family Court Cases

Domestic relations caseload of Arkansas at year end of 2016 has decreased by 11.8% compared to the last 5 years, in 2012 the number of incoming cases have been 59,578 but are higher than in 2015.

YearDomestic Relations CaseloadTotal Statewide Caseload

Arkansas Criminal Caseloads

The number of criminal cases in Arkansas courts counts to 474,081, with 39,765 felony cases and 434,316 misdemeanors accordingly.

YearCriminal CaseloadMisdemeanor CaseloadFelony Caseload

Circuit Courts

AR has 28 Circuit Courts with 121 judges presiding. The Circuit Courts have general jurisdiction in the state and are split into five divisions: criminal, civil, domestic relations, probate, and juvenile. These divisions help specialize the types of cases making it easier for the courts and patrons. Judges serve a six-year term and are elected into office. To qualify to be a Circuit Court judge, the person must have worked as a licensed attorney for six years before being elected. Some Circuit Court divisions have their own website to help users navigate the court structure and process.

District Courts

The District Courts of Arkansas are its courts of limited jurisdiction. District Courts are split into two divisions, State District Courts and Local District Courts. AR has 15 State District Courts with 25 judges serving them full time. The Local District Courts have only part-time judges. The District Courts exercise territorial jurisdiction over matters within their district. Generally, they try cases for misdemeanors, violations of city ordinances, contract, and personal property cases of $25,000 or less, small claims matters of $5,000 or less and preliminary felony hearings. All District Courts are governed by the Arkansas District Judges Council which is made up of all the District Court judges in the state.

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