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Justice Courts – Pinal County, Arizona

  • Court Name: Justice Courts – Pinal County, Arizona
  • Court Type: Justice Court
  • State (abbv): AZ
  • County: Pinal
  • Street Add: 575 N Idaho Rd # 200
  • City: Apache Junction
  • Zip Code: 85119
  • Phone: 480-982-2921
  • Fax: 520-866-8051
  • Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Website URL: http://www.pinalcountyaz.gov/Judicial/Justice/Pages/home.aspx
  • Judge: Hon. Shaun Babeu
  • Clerk: Amanda Stanford
  • Parking: To protect your safety at the courthouse, officers patrol the courthouse and parking lots. If your safety requires it, a court security officer may escort you to your vehicle following any business you may have at the courthouse. Simply make a request at the front security desk
  • Restrictions: Weapons, or anything that may be used or construed as a weapon, are prohibited from the courthouse. Food and drink are prohibited beyond the lobby of the courthouse
  • Email: assessor@pinalcountyaz.gov
Justice Courts – Pinal County, Arizona
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