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Morgan County - 8th Judicial Circuit of Alabama

  • Court Name:Morgan County - 8th Judicial Circuit of Alabama
  • Court Type:Circuit Court
  • State (abbv):AL
  • County:Morgan
  • Street Add:302 Lee St. NE
  • City:Decatur
  • Zip Code:35601
  • Phone:256-351-4643
  • Hours:Monday - Friday: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm
  • Website URL:
  • Judge:Hon. Jennifer M. Howell
  • Clerk:Chris Priest
  • Parking:There are four "courthouse"" parking lots that jurors can use during their time as a juror. The two main parking lots are located on the North side and South side of the courthouse. Handicapped parking is available in both areas. Overflow parking is located at two different locations: (a) South of the courthouse, across Lee Street and (b)West of the courthouse, across Line Street. Please be mindful that parking on the streets surrounding the courthouse is two (2) hour parking and if you are over that time, you will receive a ticket. Additionally, do not park in the Decatur City Municipal parking lot (it's the parking lot surrounding the tall brown building in downtown Decatur) because you will receive a ticket for a parking violation."
Morgan County - 8th Judicial Circuit of Alabama
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