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Alabama 3rd Judicial Circuit

  • Court Name:Alabama 3rd Judicial Circuit
  • Court Type:Circuit Court
  • State (abbv):AL
  • County:Barbour
  • Street Add:303 East Broad St. Rm. 201
  • City:Eufaula
  • Zip Code:36027
  • Phone:334-687-1500
  • Hours:Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
  • Website URL:
  • Judge:Hon. L. Bernard Smithart
  • Clerk:Paige Smith
  • Parking:There is no free parking at the Montgomery Courthouse. (Jurors will have received detailed instructions regarding parking.) All other visitors must be prepared to pay for parking at private parking lots, or at city meters (loose change only) for street parking.
  • Restrictions:Please remember the following: A photo identification is required and must be presented upon arrival. Cell phones are not allowed in the building. Please leave them in your car. (See 41 CFR 102, 74.385 Sub Part C) You will need to check in, and when you leave, please remember to check out. All visitors and their belongings will be scanned (x-ray and metal detectors) before entry into the Courthouse. Weapons or other dangerous or illegal items are not allowed on the grounds or in the building. Visitors are welcome to bring backpacks and other bags but must keep belongings with them at all times.
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Alabama 3rd Judicial Circuit
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