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Instant Court Judgment Records Online

Court Judgments

Court Judgments

A court judgment is the result of a civil lawsuit. Conducting a court judgment search online leads to case details, parties' names or company names, dates (start and end of judgment), judgment status, and whether it’s a notwithstanding judgment.

Civil Judgments

Civil Judgments

A civil judgment is a decision taken in a dispute or a civil matter – a non-criminal legal claim between two parties. In case a civil court judgment ends up with a ruling against the offender in a court of law, the defendant might have to pay the damages owed.

Default Judgments

Default Judgments

A default judgment is issued when a defense is not delivered on time. If either party fails to take action, the default judgment will favor the remaining party. For instance, if a defendant doesn't show up in court, the resolution will favor the plaintiff.

Summary Judgments

Summary Judgments

Summary judgments are procedures that allow disposing of a case without a trial in cases where the facts are obvious. They're based on the information recorded in each case's supporting documents, such as interrogations, admissions, depositions, and affidavits.

Consent Judgments

Consent Judgments

A consent judgment is a written agreement between two parties who settle a lawsuit. For instance, when a creditor and a debtor agree to settle their dispute for a smaller amount than initially owed. A judge must also sign the consent judgment.

Court Judgment Records Report

What Else You Can Find in Court Judgment Report?

Bankruptcy Filings

For interested parties, bankruptcy records are also available, split into different sections that cover everything from bankruptcy case number, filing state, date, disposition, docket, lists of debtors, liabilities,assets to beneficiaries and trustees.

Tax and Property Liens

The tax and property liens records focus on showing liens' status, the properties involved, their addresses, property owner, liens type,unpaid taxes with the IRS, any court orders or debts that triggered liens, as well as easements and encumbrances.

Criminal Records

The criminal records section will show someone'sfull criminal past, including details such as incarceration history, previous offenses, misdemeanors, felonies, charges of murder, burglary, drug trafficking and criminal driving.

Common Questions About Court Judgements

Can You See Court Judgements Online?

Many court judgments are digitized and often accessible via court websites or online research services such as First, you’ll need to know which court of law issued the judgment against you.

Are Court Judgements Public Record?

County Court Judgments are held in a public database named the Register of Judgments, Orders, and Fines for six years, even if they’re paid off. They’re frequently updated with information and new cases received from the courts and anyone can consult them.

How Do I Find Judgements from County Courts?

You can check your credit report because any information about your county court judgments will be there, including issuing date, the full amount owed and a unique court reference number. Then go to the court’s website and see if you can access the data online.

How Long Do Court Financial Judgements Stay On Credit Report?

Court judgments show up on your credit report for six years since the judgment date. It’s not easily available to the general public, but lenders or credit institutions have access to this information.

How To Remove A Judgement From Court Records?

Even if it isn’t paid, a Judgment is automatically removed from your records only after six years. For an earlier removal, you have to settle the debt, get a Certificate Of Satisfaction from the court and hire a lawyer to help you have it removed from the public register.

Search Court Judgments
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