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Find Birth Records

Birth Records

Birth Records

Birth Records comprise all the official information on an individual's birth. Searching for birth records online is the easiest alternative to access vital records data when you don't need an actual copy of the birth certificate.

Birth Information

Birth Information

A Birth Record Report will give you the child's full name, date and place of birth sex, plus the names of both parents.

Contact Details

Contact Details

In this section, you will be able to discover all types of contact information for your search subject. This may include current and previous addresses, phone number(s), email address, social profiles and much more!

Family History Search

Family History Search

Trying to find family members can be equally challenging and exciting. You could try to track down birth parents, seek further contact information or the current address of a long-lost relative or maybe build up your family tree. Either way, our thorough online database will ease and speed up the process.

Personal Records

Personal Records

If you are conducting a personal records search, we provide in-depth information extracted from public documents, including phone numbers, addresses, relatives and associates, education records, occupation, date of birth, nicknames/aliases and marital status.

Birth Records Report

What Else You Can Find in Birth Record Report?

Marriage & Divorce Records

The Marriage & Divorce Records section of your report will disclose a person's complete marital history, with key details such as divorce/marriage date and location, bride's maiden name, spouses' names and birth dates, reasons for dissolution, and more.

Criminal & Court Records

A report's criminal and court records section consists of data related to someone's arrests, active or outstanding warrants, felony and misdemeanor charges, convictions, DUI/DWI records, mugshots, jail records, police reports, parole/probation details.

Common Questions About Birth Records

How To Find Birth Records?

Birth files are kept at county level, so if you know when and where the person was born, just check the localDepartment of State Health Services Vital Statistics Unit’s website. Otherwise, you can search birth records through Infotracer, ancestry or census records’ websites.

Are Birth Records Available Online for Free?

Birth records have been digitized by you visit any National Archives facility, you can search the federal census records online, for free. A quicker, more straightforward alternative would be to look them up on Infotracer.

How Long Do Hospitals Keep Birth Records?

In the United States, hospitals are required to store birth records as long as any other medical records, for at least seven years and no more than ten years.

Who Can Get A Copy Of A Birth Certificate?

Due to its confidentiality, a copy of a birth certificate is only available to the respective parents and child. A legal representative, a legal guardian or an heir of the person named on the certificate could also get a copy by submitting a few proofing documents.

Are Birth Records Public Information?

Anyone can access birth records at the governmental authority located in the jurisdiction where the birth took place if the parents are married at the time of birth. Birth records are public information for 100 years after the date of the event.

Can You Look Up Someone's Birth Certificate?

Head to state government sites or to run a quick search among millions of vital records and access birth certificates fast and easy. Not all states grant online viewing rights though. Also, the access is often restricted to the persons named in the certificate (parents and child).

Instant Birth Records Search
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