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How to Look Up Arrest Records in North Carolina

NC judicial branch handles North Carolina arrest records and criminal records requests. However, when someone makes a request in person at one of the courthouses, the search will only contain records from that one location; it is not a statewide search. NC does not offer the general public a way to order records online, it must be done in person at the courthouse, and requestors must use their application. Each request will cost $25.

Are North Carolina Arrest Records public?

Yes, but there is no central repository where the general public can quickly look up someone’s statewide arrest records. The process must be handled manually at each county courthouse. Unless they know precisely where someone was processed, they might have to visit numerous branches to get someone’s entire criminal arrest records report.

What Information Is Included in North Carolina Criminal Records Report?

What Information You Can Find in North Carolina Arrest Report?

A NC arrest record will contain basic information like name, address, phone, email, gender, race, age, date of birth, scars, tattoos, height, weight, and mug shots and also fingerprints. Also included will be details of each arrest including the arresting officer’s name, badge number, arresting agency, date, and location of the arrest, the charges filed, the disposition, any fines, fees, bail or bond paid. If any vehicles were involved in the crime, that information will also be provided.

Violent Crime Rates for the last 10 years

The crime rate has decreased over the past decade in North Carolina, going from 31,041 crimes in 2006 to 0 by 30% lower than it was back in 2006. The largest percentage of violent crimes falls into the Aggravated Assault category, with Revised Rape being the least popular crime in the state.

North Carolina Violent Crime Rate Change

NC Arrest Laws

North Carolina Arrest Laws

An NC police officer can arrest someone when they are in possession of a warrant. They can also arrest someone without a warrant when they don’t have one in their possession but know that one has been issued for the suspect. An officer can arrest anyone who commits an offense in his or her presence. The officer can also arrest someone without a warrant when a felony or misdemeanor has been committed, and they believe the person may be a danger to themselves, others or may damage evidence. They may also arrest anyone they believe has broken their parole or probation.

Who has a Power of Arrest?

The list of law enforcement agents who have the power to arrest in this state is local police officers, state patrolman, officers from other counties or states when in conjunction with an investigation or assisting other officers, campus police and airline police officers. Any private citizen may also arrest someone and turn them over to the police if they witness them committing a crime or have first-hand knowledge of them committing a crime.

How Long Will an Arrest Report Stay on North Carolina Offender Search Report?

Any North Carolina criminal record or arrest record will stay on a state report for life unless the offender petitions the court to have them expunged. In some cases, they must wait 5 or 10 years before starting the expungement process. Only specific crimes can be expunged, and offenders must comply with a whole list of requirements also when petitioning.

Can you Expunge your Records?

Yes. Only certain crimes are eligible for expungement. Offenders must wait at least five years for misdemeanors before they can apply to have them expunged. For felonies, they must wait ten years. If they were arrested but not charged or convicted, they could more easily get their records expunged like it never happened. However, they must first comply with a list of eligibility requirements before they can petition the court for expungement.

The Arrest Rate in North Carolina

Arrest Rate in North Carolina

For 2017, NC had a property crime rate of 2,677.8 and a violent crime rate of 383.7. During that year 181,951 arrests were made for larceny/theft, 15,856 were for motor vehicle theft, 66,467 were for burglary, 25,742 were for aggravated assault, 9,453 for robbery, 2,035 were for rape and 637 for murder.

North Carolina Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in North Carolina was for All Other Offenses (except traffic) - 74,500, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. The least popularity had Curfew and Loitering Law Violations arrests - with only 36 crimes a year.

Arrest Type Under 18 All ages Total arrests
Violent Crime 947 11,630 12,577
Property Crime 4,335 34,918 39,253
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter 31 464 495
Rape 18 229 247
Robbery 465 2,571 3,036

North Carolina Department of Public Safety

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North Carolina
Crime rate - 3,477
The crime rate in the last 5 years - up by 30%

5 Safest Counties in the Area

A list of 5 counties in North Carolina that have the highest arrest rate in 2017

County Crime Rate
Wake County 157.53
Durham County 219.46
Guilford County 223.66
Cabarrus County 325.91
Orange County 416.80
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