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How to Look Up Arrest Records in New York

The NYk state criminal justice department handles all criminal and arrest records. They allow individuals to get a copy of their own for a fee of $15 per file. They process New York arrest records via a fingerprint-based search. However, they do not release records to anyone other than the subject unless they have a “statutory authority to access the information or pursuant to a judicial order or subpoena.”

Are New York Arrest Records Public?

No. NY does not allow the general public to request copies of someone’s criminal or arrest records. The NY State Division of Criminal Justice Service will supply them to government agencies and others with the authority to request and use them but not to individuals wanting to see if someone has a criminal record.

What Information You Can Find in a state Criminal Report?

What Information You Can Find in New York Arrest Report?

A New York arrest records report, also known as a RAP sheet will show a ton of useful background information like name, address, phone, email, gender, race, height, weight, physical description, tattoos, scars, mug shots, and sometimes even fingerprints. Along with that, it will also contain arrest details, charges, convictions, dispositions, jail time, fines, fees, bond, and bail paid, pleas, the dates of arrest, location and time. If any vehicles were involved in the crime and the arresting officer’s name and agency will also show up on a report.

Violent Crime Rates for the last 10 years

The crime rate has decreased over the past decade in New York, going from 74,035 crimes in 2006 to 62,703 by 21% lower than it was back in 2006. The largest percentage of violent crimes falls into the Aggravated Assault category, with Revised Rape being the least popular crime in the state.

New York Violent Crime Rate Change

Arrest Laws

New York Arrest Laws

NY police officers can arrest someone with a valid arrest warrant. They can also arrest someone when a crime has been committed, and they believe that a suspect has committed it. They can arrest someone when they commit a crime in the presence of the officer. A police official can also arrest someone in this city when they have reasonable cause to believe a felony has been committed either in their presence or not. NY police officers can arrest someone within the geographic guidelines of the entire state. Police can also arrest someone they suspect of child or domestic abuse.

Who Has a Power of Arrest?

Any police officers in the state can arrest someone. Other law enforcement officials like sheriffs, deputy sheriffs, and state patrol are included in this list. Private citizens can also make arrests when they believe someone has committed a crime in their presence or not. A citizen’s arrest can be made at any time day or night.

How Long Will an Arrest Report Stay on New York Criminal History Records?

Felony and misdemeanor convictions will remain on someone’s record forever. However, NY does allow some criminal records to be sealed which means they won’t show up in a background check report. Juvenile records will be sealed automatically, and the offender doesn’t have to do anything. Offenders must wait ten years to apply to have their records sealed, and the state is very strict about only one felony or two misdemeanors. If the subject has more than that, they cannot get their records sealed.

Can you Expunge Your State Records?

No. New York does not allow expunging of criminal records. They have strict laws about sealing, and only some minor crimes can be sealed. All other arrests and convictions will remain with the offender for life in New York. Additionally, they must wait at least ten years and be crime-free when they apply to have their records sealed.

The Arrest Rate in New York

Arrest Rate in New York

In 2017, New York recorded 449,386 arrests for the state. Of that total, 142,571 were felonies, and 306,815 were misdemeanors. The breakdown for felonies is as follows: 24,282 were for drug charges, 38,299 were violent crimes, 5,490 were DWIs, and 74,500 were other offenses. The breakdown for misdemeanors is as follows: 66,408 were for drugs, 32,324 for DWIs, 99,699 were property crimes, and 108,384 were for other charges.

New York Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in New York was for Drug Abuse Violations - 73,248, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. The least popularity had Embezzlement arrests - with only 51 crimes a year.

Arrest Type Under 18 All ages Total arrests
Violent Crime 1,508 12,440 13,948
Property Crime 4,873 43,759 48,632
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter 22 264 286
Rape 180 970 1,150
Robbery 623 3,090 3,713

New York Division of Criminal Justice Services Office of Public Safety

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New York
Crime rate - 2,059
The crime rate in the last 5 years - up by 21%

5 Safest Counties in the Area

A list of 5 counties in New York that have the highest arrest rate in 2017

County Crime Rate
Suffolk County 2.75
Herkimer County 9.58
Schenectady County 10.35
Clinton County 40.70
Albany County 51.16
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