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White Pigeon, MI Arrest Record Search

White Pigeon has a population of 1,509. During the past three years, White Pigeon saw 97 arrests. For 2017, the White Pigeon's arrest rate totaled 205.43 per 10,000 residents. This decrease of 35.1% makes White Pigeon lower than the national average of 316.54 per 10,000 residents. From that total, 3 were violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. The city of White Pigeon also totaled 28 arrests for property crimes during 2017. When compared to Colon and Constantine, White Pigeon is a safer place to live.

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  • 31Number of arrests in the city for 2017
  • 205.43Crime Rate
  • 19.88Violent Crime Rate
  • 185.55Property Crime Rate

Violent vs. Non-Violent Crimes

Overall, White Pigeon had a higher rate of non-violent crime. For 2017, White Pigeon averaged 3 violent crimes and 28 non-violent crimes.

White Pigeon Violent Crime Types from 2007-2017

The city of White Pigeon experienced 50 violent crimes during 2007-2017. Of that total, 21 was for legacy rape. The robbery total was 2, and the aggravated assault total was 27.

Total Crime Rate in White Pigeon

YearCrime Rate
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