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How to Look Up Arrest Records in Michigan

MI state law enforcement handles all requests for criminal records and arrest records. They conduct them in two ways, by fingerprints and also through a name search. They have an online portal for the general public to use to access Michigan arrest records and criminal history. All serious misdemeanors and felonies are entered into this system. However, they do not include juvenile, traffic or tribal records. Users have the option of creating an account or using the system as a guest.

Are Michigan Arrest Records Public?

Yes. MI arrest records are readily available through government channels using the state online portal system. All law enforcement agencies are required by law to report felonies and misdemeanors into this system. Some suppressed and juvenile records will not show up in the reports.

Victims & Offenders by Gender and Race

Offenders by Gender

Offenders by Race

Black or African American 54%
White 40%
Unknown 6%
Native Hawaiian 0%
Offenders w/ reported race 3,562

Victims by Race

Black or African American 49%
White 47%
Unknown 3%
Asian 1%
Native Hawaiian 0%
Victims w/ reported race 3,765

What Information You Can Find in a state Criminal Report?

What Information You Can Find in Michigan Arrest Report?

A MI criminal report is a criminal history containing some basic details like the name of the person, the date of the arrest, the charges they were accused of, fingerprints, mughsot details and booking numbers. Typically, they will also include mug shot taken at the time of arrest, other details about the crime along with the arresting officer’s name and badge number and arresting agency. The report will also contain general information like date of birth, address, phone, height, weight, gender, race and physical description. It may also include bail, bond, pleas or any other fines paid.

Violent Crime Rates for the last 10 years

The crime rate has decreased over the past decade in Michigan, going from 48,635 crimes in 2006 to 36,264 by 27% lower than it was back in 2006. The largest percentage of violent crimes falls into the Aggravated Assault category, with Revised Rape being the least popular crime in the state.

Michigan Violent Crime Rate Change

Arrest Laws

Michigan Arrest Laws

According to MI law 764.15, a peace officer may arrest someone with a valid arrest warrant. Additionally, they may also arrest someone when the officer witnesses someone committing a felony, misdemeanor, or ordinance violation. They can even arrest someone if they know that they committed a felony but did not witness it. If they have reasonable cause to believe that someone committed a felony, they can arrest them. If the officer receives a credible tip about a felony or misdemeanor being committed, they can arrest someone based on that. If they believe a person has violated parole or probation, they also have the right to arrest them.

Who Has a Power of Arrest in Michigan?

Any peace officer in the current state can arrest someone. A peace officer is any law enforcement agent in the state such as local police officers, state patrol, a reserve officer, a department of corrections officer, a retired or parole officer, or another type of auxiliary officer appointed by law enforcement. Any private citizen may arrest someone when they witness him or her committing a felony, or if they are aware that someone has committed a felony, but they did not see it first hand. Two other cases are if a law officer requests your assistance to help arrest someone or if you are a storeowner, merchant or security officer and believe someone has stolen from you.

How Long Will an Arrest Report Stay on Your Michigan Public Records?

A MI arrest report will stay on someone’s record forever if they do nothing to have them removed. The law allows offenders to apply to have one felony or two misdemeanors expunged from their Michigan public arrest records. However, they must first wait five years before petitioning the court, and they also must comply with a whole list of other requirements. If the crime was a sex offense or driving offense then they cannot get them removed.

Can You Expunge Your Arrest Records?

Yes, but it is not easy, and the person must comply with a list of requirements. First, they must wait five years. The offense cannot be sex-related or a driving crime. Those will remain on the record forever. The person applying can only apply once for a felony conviction and twice for misdemeanors. If they were convicted for other crimes in another state, then they won’t qualify.

The Arrest Rate in Michigan

Arrest Rate in Michigan

For 2017, this state recorded 248,548 arrests. Juveniles committed only 10,945 of those. From the total, 179,239 were committed by males and 69,309 by females. The majority of them (110,537) were committed by white men and 45,702 of them by white women. The next largest demographic were black males who committed 61,083 of the crimes and 20,467 were committed by black females.

State Offender and Victim Age Group Statistics

Most of the violent crime offenders in Michigan were 20-29 and the largest percentage of violent crime victims were 20-29.

Offender Age

0-9 0.7%
10-19 17.8%
20-29 33.3%
30-39 19.5%
40-49 11.8%
50-59 7.2%
60-69 2.3%
70-79 0.5%
80-89 0.1%
90-99 0.2%
Unknown 6.7%
Offenders w/ reported age 39,438

Victim Age

0-9 4.9%
10-19 19.2%
20-29 30.3%
30-39 18.9%
40-49 12.7%
50-59 9.1%
60-69 3.6%
70-79 0.9%
80-89 0.2%
90-99 0.2%
Victims w/ reported age 44,424

Crime Victim Demographics

Residence Home is the place where the majority of crimes in Michigan were committed, in most of the crime cases the offender was an otherwise known.

Location Type

Residence Home 26,321
Highway/Alley/Street/Sidewalk 9,391
Parking Garage/Lot 2,228
Unknown 870
Gas Station 850
Hotel/Motel 618
Convenience Store 607
School Elementary/Secondary 573
Bar/Nightclub 495
Restaurant 467

Victim’s Relationship to the Offender

Otherwise Known 8,832
Relationship Unknown 7,915
Stranger 5,746
Acquaintance 5,312
Boyfriend/Girlfriend 3,928
Friend 1,965
Spouse 1,466
Child 1,353
Other Family Member 1,352
Sibling 1,278

Michigan Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in Michigan was for All Other Offenses (except traffic) - 89,085, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. The least popularity had Gambling arrests - with only 45 crimes a year.

Arrest Type Under 18 All ages Total arrests
Violent Crime 1,094 11,798 12,892
Property Crime 4,206 24,692 28,898
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter 16 261 277
Rape 133 750 883
Robbery 282 1,306 1,588

Is your State Safer than Michigan?

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Crime rate - 2,700
The crime rate in the last 5 years - up by 27%

5 Safest Counties in the Area

A list of 5 counties in Michigan that have the highest arrest rate in 2017

County Crime Rate
Wayne County 0.11
Oakland County 5.14
Dickinson County 7.83
Alger County 21.69
Iosco County 23.69
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