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Pavo has a population of 610. During the past three years, Pavo saw 16 arrests. For 2013, the Pavo's arrest rate totaled 196.72 per 10,000 residents. This decrease of 44.83% makes Pavo lower than the national average of 356.57 per 10,000 residents. From that total, 9 were violent crimes like murder, rape, and robbery. The city of Pavo also totaled 3 arrests for property crimes during 2013. When compared to Boston and Meigs, Pavo is a safer place to live.

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  • 12Number of arrests in the city for 2013
  • 196.72Crime Rate
  • 147.54Violent Crime Rate
  • 49.18Property Crime Rate

Violent vs. Non-Violent Crimes

Overall, Pavo had a higher rate of violent crime. For 2013, Pavo averaged 9 violent crimes and 3 non-violent crimes.

Pavo Violent Crime Types from 2010-2013

The city of Pavo experienced 11 violent crimes during 2010-2013. Of that total, the robbery total was 1, and the aggravated assault total was 10.

Total Crime Rate in Pavo

YearCrime Rate
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