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De Beque, CO Arrest Record Search

It is located in Mesa County, CO. It has a population of 496 inhabitants. The crime rate is - 60.48 per 10.000 people. There have been 3 arrests in 2014. The city has seen a downtick in arrest records since last year by 0.005%. The majority of crimes committed in De Beque are larceny/theft crimes - 2 incarcerations, whereas the least popular crime is the arson - only 0 arrests.

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  • 3 Number of arrests in the city for 2014
  • 60.48 Crime Rate
  • 0.00 Violent Crime Rate
  • 60.48 Property Crime Rate

Violent vs. Non-Violent Crimes

The city has seen more non-violent crimes than violent. There have been 0 felony charges and 3 non-violent crimes.

De Beque Violent Crime Types from 2007-2014

For the time period of 2007-2014, the city of De Beque averaged 2 violent crimes.

Total Crime Rate in De Beque

Year Crime Rate
2007 474.23
2008 221.77
2009 492.42
2012 117.19
2014 60.48
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