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Alabama Arrest Records Search

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How to Look Up Criminal Records in Alabama

According to the state law § 36-12-40, "every citizen has a right to inspect and take a copy of any public writing of this state, except as otherwise expressly provided by statute." Most Alabama arrest records are stored online, and users can access them easily with the person’s name and birth date. In some cases, however, only paper records exist, and the user will have to contact government resource offices to get a copy. Access to Alabama public records are available during regular business hours, and they charge a small fee for each copy.

Are Alabama Arrest Records Public?

Yes. AL Constitution secures the public’s right to conviction records along with dozens of other types of documents and reports. This state keeps a vast database of all criminal history and allows citizens to search and review the data. State government offices maintain all AL public records.

Victims & Offenders by Gender and Race

Offenders by Gender

Victims by Gender

Offenders by Race

Black or African American63%
Native Hawaiian0%
American Indian or Alaska Native0%
Offenders w/ reported race3,562

Victims by Race

Black or African American42%
Native Hawaiian0%
American Indian or Alaska Native0%
Victims w/ reported race3,765

What Information Does Alabama Criminal Records Report Include?

What Information You Can Find in Alabama Arrest Report?

An AL arrest report will show a lot of information. First, there will be the person’s profile details like name, address, birth date, age, gender, height, weight, any scars or tattoos, education details, work, birthplace, eye color, hair color, marital status and even mugshot details. Additionally, other information such as arrests, including who arrested them, where, when, the charges, the booking details, the officer who arrested them, and any vehicle information will be on there. Sometimes included are mug shots, fingerprints, outstanding warrants, police report information including DWIs and other traffic violations. The report may also show criminal convictions for felonies and misdemeanors and court records as well.

Alabama Police Reports and Mugshots

Are Alabama Police Reports Public Record?

Yes, police reports in Alabama are public records, and anyone can obtain a copy for a small fee. Sometimes you can get them for free directly from the state police or local police department. A police report is the first document filled out after a crime or incident. The police officer details the time and place of the incident with his or her name and rank. Some other information you will see on an Alabama police report is:

  • Witness statements and their contact information.
  • Crime scene photos.
  • Identifying information for all parties involved.
  • Vehicle information (make, model, year) for any that were involved.
  • Road conditions, weather, and other factors that are pertinent to the case.
  • Possibly a diagram of the scene.
  • Citations or other violations if issued.

Additionally, the officer may add notes and their opinion of what transpired and how it happened as they see it.

Alabama Mugshots Online

Alabama mugshots are public records, and you can view them quite easily online via informational portals or access to criminal records through government sources.

When someone is arrested, one of the first parts of the booking process is to take a photograph. These pictures are called mugshots, and in most cases, they are not very flattering. The process of taking photos of arrested persons started in the 1800s. Then in 1888, French police officer Alphonse Bertillon standardized the process for taking mugshots as part of the arrest procedure.

Mugshots consist of a front view (full face) and a side view (profile) to help with identification later if the person escapes or is witnessed committing a new crime. Other reasons for mugshots are to help victims, investigators, and the public identify suspects. Police stations often compile all their mugshots into a mug book to show victims or witnesses.

The term “mugshot” comes from the 18th-century slang word “mug,” meaning face.

Alabama Arrest Booking Process

When someone is arrested in Alabama, they are taken to the local police station or county jail. Officers may try to question the suspect about the crime, but they have the right to remain silent and speak to a lawyer without answering any questions.

They will be immediately fingerprinted, their mugshots will be taken, and a police report will be filled out with the details of their arrest, their name and address, the crime they are charged with, and the officer’s notes and details. Their personal belongings will be confiscated and held for them. They may be provided with a jail uniform. Additionally, they may be subject to a quick health check or full body search before being incarcerated.

They will also be placed in a jail cell, and a bond will be issued for their release if they or their family can pay it.

Violent Crime Rates for the last 10 years

The crime rate has increased over the past decade in Alabama, going from 12,754 crimes in 2006 to 15,229 by 16% higher than it was back in 2006. The largest percentage of violent crimes falls into the Aggravated Assault category, with Revised Rape being the least popular crime in the state.

Alabama Violent Crime Rate Change

Arrest Law

Alabama Arrest Laws

AL arrest laws are relatively lax, allowing officers to arrest someone without a warrant if they commit a public offense or “breach the peace” in front of them. They can arrest someone suspected of a felony, not committed in their presence. Officers can also arrest someone if they think they have committed a felony or misdemeanor in regard to domestic or elder abuse. An officer can also take someone into custody if they know an arrest warrant is being issued but they do not yet have it in their possession. They must, however, inform the suspect that one has been issued and is forthcoming.

Who has a Power of Arrest?

Those who can arrest someone in the current state include sheriffs, a deputy, a constable, an acting sheriff, Marshall, deputy Marshall or police officer, highway patrolman or state trooper. AL also allows citizen’s arrests in specific cases. If someone wants to execute a citizen’s arrest, they need to either have witnessed the person committing a crime or be aware that a felony has been committed. If they have reasonable cause to believe that someone has committed a felony, they can arrest them then also. When they initiate a citizen’s arrest, they must inform the person of their crime, and then must deliver them to the proper authorities. They can arrest someone at any time of day or night.

How Long Will an Arrest Report Stay on Your Alabama Public Records?

Any Alabama public arrest record will stay on someone’s permanent record unless they can get them expunged. AL just past a new expungement law that carries a $300 fee for any charges that were dismissed.

Can you Expunge your Records?

Petitioning the court is allowed to expunge Alabama criminal records but only for non-felonies and non-violent felonies, under special circumstances. Convictions are not eligible for expungement, but charges can be removed through the expungement process. Even expunged records will still be available to the court and law enforcement agencies but will not be publicly accessible.

The Arrest Rate in Alabama

Arrest Rate in Alabama

The AL Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) is responsible for maintaining crime statistics in the state. For 2016, there was a 2% increase in AL crime with a total of 165,505 crimes committed that year. The overall AL crime rate per 100,000 residents is 3,403.1. This state had a 17% recovery rate for stolen property that totaled $257,279,623 in 2016. Two hundred seven law enforcement officers were assaulted in 2016, 37 of the seriously injured. Of the total crimes committed, 84% were property related, and only 15% violent offenses.

State Offender and Victim Age Group Statistics

Most of the violent crime offenders in Alabama were 20-29 and the largest percentage of violent crime victims were 20-29.

Offender Age

Offenders w/ reported age95

Victim Age

Victims w/ reported age85

Crime Victim Demographics

Residence Home is the place where the majority of crimes in Alabama were committed, in most of the crime cases the offender was a stranger.

Location Type

Residence Home36
Department/Discount Store16
Grocery Store4
Specialty Store4
Convenience Store4

Victim’s Relationship to the Offender

Ex Spouse2
Homosexual Relationship1

Alabama Arrest Records by Type of Crime

The popular arrests for 2017 in Alabama was for All Other Offenses (except traffic) - 72,906, the same popularity of the arrest type was seen in Alabama, Alaska, and Arizona. The least popularity had Arson arrests - with only 129 crimes a year.

Arrest TypeUnder 18All agesTotal arrests
Violent Crime3656,0056,370
Property Crime1,26418,36619,630
Murder & Non-negligent Manslaughter18317335

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency Department of Public Safety

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